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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I know I really need to work on the layout of this blog, but it seems like I just don't have the time.(or the talent :-)

We are determined to have a wonderful Christmas this year..We started the year off by cutting out 4 foot by 4 foot letters to spell Merry Christmas!(40 feet of bright red and lights across the yard), I think we decided if we embraced the holiday 100 percent that this would be good one! So far so good :-) We went to "cash" Christmas a year ago, with teens it really was what they wanted. So this year I deposited the cash and still bought gifts! Too many gifts!! I did it purely for my own need. Something about the panic of finding just the right gift, hiding them, wrapping them and spoiling my girls that is simply part of my identity as Mom. I baked cookies, and plugged in holiday air fresheners.. and somehow doing all of that does make is seem more like Christmas!

I am delighted that Abby has had a couple good days of grazing. It has driven me insane watching her struggle with food this last couple months. I cannot imagine weeks of my stomach in terrible pain every time I ate anything. She looked pretty good yesterday. We will see how she feels when she wakes today, it is so day to day around here.

A year ago we still did not know what was wrong with Abby, in the spring is when they found the Mitochondrial Depletion and kidney disease. Though her diagnosis of myopathy has been with her since birth, we were okay with that- a plain old congenital myopathy isn't progressive. This last few months we have begun to accept that this is likely to get worse, but the question is, how fast? There isn't an answer. I am grateful we finally found Drs. who listened. I am grateful that after 23 years my hubby and I love each other far deeper then we ever thought possible. I am grateful my oldest graduated from college. I am most grateful that Abby is doing really well still.

Living life by the day, and today is going to be Great!
Merry Christmas!


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