WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Monday, January 9, 2012


At almost every turn of Abby's Mito journey her allergies have played a part.

When breast feeding and she would start crying after a few minutes of latching on, we decided her poor nursing was due to food allergies. It was partially responsible but looking back her poor muscle tone in her face was probably the bigger issue- but we blamed allergies.

When she was sick with cold after cold, ear infection after infection, we blamed allergies. Which probably were partially to blame, but looking back I wonder if it was more to do with her immune system.

When she was 2-5 and was fainting in the heat, not having the same energy as the other kids and dealing with leaky bladder and what we thought were UTI's- we blamed her food allergies- no one had offered us any other explanation, so we blamed allergies.

When she was 5 we had a cat for a year, she had terrible rashes, stomach pains,constantly ill and again we blamed allergies- our Allergist even convinced us to sell our house because he was afraid the residual cat dander was keeping her sick..

Whenever she had a rough year at school being sick and tired back to back, I blamed allergies- all those kids with horse,birds, cats were dragging their allergens in on their clothes.. so we had the Teacher put her away from kids with pets..

When she had weird or odd reactions to medications we blamed allergies- though we were bewildered she could allergic to the medicines they use to treat the allergies!

When they tested her lung function and it was always lower then normal- we blamed allergies.

When we moved to Seattle at age 10 and she ended up in so much pain and so tired, and they still could not find anything else, we blamed her allergies. She was allergic to cedar, so that had to be it right? Looking back that was when puberty hit..

So it seemed that in both Houston, and Seattle she was struggling with allergies...

I cannot even tell you how many food diaries we have kept,how many types of allergy free diets we have followed, how many places we have avoided(the zoo is a giant allergy with all the fur and trees and shrubs and grasses!)Granted, we have enjoyed a lot of foods before they were "cool". Did you know that the fats in avocado are great for your brain and muscles? We ate fish 2x a week for the oils eons ago, we at artichokes, quinoa, steel cut oats,etc.. sometimes it seemed to help, but now I wonder how much was placebo effect?

We even tried to blame her scoliosis on allergies, after all, she had been in bed so much, so maybe all the laying around from the allergies caused the scoliosis, no one had offered us any other explanation, so we still blamed allergies.

When finally her kidneys started to get sick, I TRIED to blame allergies. We went gluten free,MSG free,box free,frankly I was thinking we might have to start grazing as we were running out of food options, but her kidneys were still sick- finally, the Drs. agreed- this isn't allergies.

I have always wondered if allergies can cause this many issues(and they can)why don't Drs. acknowledge the "whole body" concept? Over the years I have found that Family Drs. and some internal medicine Drs. will wholeheartedly agree that one body system in poor function impacts the next- a good example is flat feet. Our oldest has flat feet and I KNOW it caused her back to ache- the Podiatrist agreed and so did the family Dr- however the spine specialist said no way! In his world the body began and ended with the spine..

Since finding Abby's Depletion in her muscle biopsy and we have seen different Specialists for different systems, they tend to stay only in their organ of focus- when you see a Mito specialist however, they think more like a family Dr. They totally understand that when you have 1 system down odds are it is going to cause havoc in the next system. Why is the whole body concept so difficult for the Specialists?

So, can we blame allergies for a lot of Abby' issues? I still think so,out of habit or because we really do see some improvements when we juggle her foods. When we manage to tame the allergies, we seem to give the other issues some relief. Allergies steal a lot of energy. I certainly do not regret paying attention to her allergies, not sure I can blame them anymore though.

If specialists would think outside their speciality even a little, I have to wonder if we would have quit blaming Abby's allergies years ago.


Julie Kassab said...

Amazing! I also think that sometimes Doctors need to really listen to MOMS! We know when something is wrong with our children. We are with them daily.

I wish those doctors had listened to you when you explained how sick she was. However, she is a lucky little girl. She has a mom who never gives up trying to find something, anything to make her feel better. Soup, avocado, hot stuff, cold stuff, soothing foods, heating pads, cold packs, a snuggly blanket and arms that will cuddle her for hours.

And then there's the crafts her mom came up with to while away the time when Abby does have enough strength to work on them with her.

I still believe in Miracles and I keep praying and networking to help all the Mito kids find their own special miracle... But for right now, Abby has the greatest miracle ever! A wonderful family and the most loving mother in the world.

Hugs and Kisses.

babyfoodsteps said...

Great post! We still have that food journal and have for the last 2.5 years!! I still think food/enviro triggers play a huge role... But you are right.. It may not be the whole picture! Thanks for sharing your journey!

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