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Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog: Raising Redheads-

I follow a few blogs and one of my latest favorites is Raising Redheads-

Mabel is beyond adorable, but more then that her Mom writes so brilliantly about the day to day joys of parenting, and she reminds me that all our children are gifts. She reminds me just how wonderful my girls are, every quirk,every smile, every not normal moment- well, they are mine to see as goodness, joys and the very heart of my reason to be here, if I can't see that then who can?

She had an especially touching post today that I would like to share, and she has encouraged her readers to share.



babyfoodsteps said...

I love her blog and she writes sooo beautifully and honestly! and Mable is such a cutie Pie!

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