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Sunday, January 1, 2012

How Many Patients does your Mito Specialist Have???

So I did the math this morning-

US Census: 312,783,396 people in the US.

1 in 4000 who will develop a Mito based disorder.

MitoAction.org has 45 Mito Specialists listed for the US.

Which means, if the Mito Specialists split us up, each Dr. would be seeing- 1738 PATIENTS EACH!!!

No wonder the waiting lists are growing.

My math suggest aprox 78,000 Americans are affected by Mitochondrial disease.

We need more Drs. We need a campaign to take to Medical Schools, Hospital Administrators, Nursing schools, that demands that they provide training in Mito to their Drs. and students.

Next time you see your Mito Specialist- tell them Thank you! Their patient load far exceeds the average patient load of any other Medical Specialist.


babyfoodsteps said...

Excellent way to put it in perspective! thanks!

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