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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Man's Best Friend.

The other day I went in to Abby's bedroom to wake her up, and as usual found our poodles in a big ol' puppy pack with her! :-)

When I look at all the mito blogs, links, one common denominator frequently is Man's Best Friend.

Our older and bigger poodle we call "Nurse Evie." If anyone has a head cold, tired or achy, odds are Evie is either snuggled on you or next to you- and she is the best snuggle doggy ever! She like Abby, seems to be quite low tone and she can just melt into you!!! Only two things motivate Evie, Food and cuddling!. Evie the poodle has her own poodle- no kidding. In Evies younger days she would get so lonely for another dog to play with- so the Vet told us to buy her a toy! We literally did! So Sasha is about 10 pounds of reckless energy. She is about 5 now but still runs like she is just a pup.

Nurse Evie joyously snuggles with Abby most nights and days. Sasha just loves everyone.

Though I complain about grooming these poodles(way too cheap to take them to the doggy salon)and poor things get horrible home shaved haircuts, we love these dogs. Abby finds such comfort in having Evie with her, admittedly, I feel so much better knowing Evie is with Abby.

Next time you are reading Mito blogs- see how many Mito doggies you find.


Stephanie said...

We are crazy about our dogs, and have looked into a therapy dog for more of a companion then anything. We have two golden retrievers and one golden doodle. Our doodle, Henry, will snuggle in with Teddy, especially when he is having a hard time keeping his body temp up. He is so calming. Great blog!

Julie Kassab said...

Maybe we should start an organization for MITO DOGS. I'll bet the Mighty Dog Dogfood people will sponsor it!

Go Diane Go!

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