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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mito Everywhere!

Everywhere I go, I see Mito.

If you tell me about your drooping eye, aching back and UTI- guess what? My first thought is "You have mito!"

If I see a little baby and it is all squishy and not moving around much- I think "that baby has Mito!"

I hear about a little boy who has cyclic vomiting and fatigue- and again I see Mito.

I have flipped through every family member I know(and I am related by blood and marriage to 68 percent of East Texas, and that is only from my Mom's Fathers family)and I see Mito everywhere! My father died young of heart disease as did his Father- well it must have been Mito. My Mom had a bunch of digestive issues, and depression and died young from cancer- again all I wonder is "did she have Mito?"

It has become obsessive. This holiday shopping season at the mall,I found myself paying as much attention to all the babies in their buggies as to my shopping list. I sized up their eyes,their muscle tone,their size, their personalities- wondering each time I saw something unique- if that could be Mito.

Even walking at the park, or grocery I look at all the people around me and wonder, will they have Mito? Have they gone to their Dr. for the fatigue, the pain, the weird symptoms.. has their Dr. misdiagnosed them, or ignored them? Is the potential for Mito hiding under that healthy veneer?

Really, it is getting annoying and a touch alarming that I see Mito everywhere. I suppose since it hasn't even been a year since we got her diagnosis that this is likely part of the whole acceptance process. My friends must be ready to strangle me!!

The estimate is 1 in 4000 people will develop Mito. I am lucky to see 100 people in any given week. Odds are, that fussy baby I see at the mall and think has Mito, probably just needs a snack and a nap!

For now I suppose I will still be staring at people around Houston and wondering, "Do they or will they have Mito too?"


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