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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mito,food, and family.

Last night I ended the food wars. I am so far past done. I am not sure exactly which straw broke the camels back, but it is over. I will no longer cook or do dishes for my family. IT is everyone fend for themselves.

Keep in mind they are actually quite grown and they know how to cook for themselves - smart enough for College, smart enough to feed themselves. :-)

Derek went gluten/starch free and has been off and on for the last couple months. Hasn't lost much weight but feels better.

Sara just seems disenchanted with the "family meal" and hasn't been in the "mood" for what I cook very often lately.

Abby has been difficult to cook for since the beginning, but worse now with the extreme limitations.

So, gluten free,dairy free,no grains,no shellfish,no nuts for Abby, potatoes,1 hates onion and 1 loves it, no raw greens for Abby, no green peppers for Abby, no celery for Abby..,no beef or pork for Abby, no soy for Abby..no msg,chemicals or preservatives..etc 2 eat salmon, 2 cannot or hate it, some like cod, some don't. What the girls like and Abby can eat are on Derek's cannot eat list.. Done,done, done.

I got to be honest, what is left is limited! But, I try my best to make something for everyone- no one is ever happy. Derek is appreciative that I try, but that isn't enough to bring myself to spend half my day worrying about food. 2 tv dinner trays,2 forks and a coffee cup and I am done with my food needs.

They seem to prefer making their own food. So, so be it! However, I will not do their dishes,pots,containers... if I am forced to clean up after them those dishes will disappear. Then they can eat sandwiches,deli meat, and anything else that works on paper cups and plates.

Not all their fault, some of this is health based- but that part I don't mind. There are exceptions to this rule, but the 5 o'clock bell is broken.

I thought when I woke up this morning, I would wake up knowing I was just being dramatic- but, nope- it is the right thing to do.

Who knows? Maybe I needed to do this a long long time ago! I suspect there will be more drama in this department before we all work it out..


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