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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Dr. Broke Up with ME!!!!

This is something that has happened to me in the past. You will go visit a Dr. a couple times and sometimes even think it is working well. Then things start to feel like a boyfriend trying to break it off!

1) That Dr. who used to return calls to you or tell the nurse to return calls to you same day? Suddenly, it takes a few days, or you have to call repeatedly to get the information.

2) That Dr. who would respond to email- either your emails start to bounce, or you hit send and never hear back.

3) When you did schedule an appt. they are slow to come in your room, once in, they hurry and talk to you with their hand on the door the whole time!

4) When they do talk to you, they start referring you to other Drs with lame reasons.

It is so much easier for us to break up with them- we just stop going. I have been broken up with, and I have also broken off with many Drs. over the years. Can you imagine, having a patient that drives you nuts, or makes you uncomfortable, or takes too much of your time? Granted, according to all those episodes of Little House on The Prairie, Drs. are supposed to be devoted to the "health" of their patient- that Dr. on Little House would even stay all night with that crazy Mrs. Olsen or her bratty daughter Nellie- The reality is, Dr.s have lives outside of their practice. Many have mastered the 8am-6pm schedule. They have families, and boyscouts, and dinners. Those Drs. are great, but they certainly aren't the "fairy tale" Drs. we were raised on. Drs. are just humans- they are no better then anyone else. Some dont know what they are doing, some are shy, some do it for the money, some do it for the academic stimulus...some are just plain burnt out.
The worst of them are without compassion- we all know cruel people in our day to day lives, and some even exist in the medical world. The big shocker for me as an older Mom is running into "catty" women Drs.- Why I thought there wouldn't be any after all the catty women I have run into in my life- but it still shocked me! You know what I am talking about- the perfect hair, marathon running, 2.5 children, in the perfect house, new car every two years, expensive clothes- and don't ya know, they give me the high school look- of, you are so uncool!!! I think the worst ones are the ones I have coined as, Yoga Drs. You can stumble into their office with a blood gushing, a fever of a 103, seizures and they will recommend a low stress lifestyle, lose weight, try yoga, acupuncture- you try to explain that you have tried that, but you are still bleeding and you would exercise if your leg wasn't broken, yet, their response is pretty much, well you are not doing it right, or you need to try harder. YUCK!

I have found with Mito it is a very tricky feat to find a Dr. that won't eventually want you to go away! :-) The good ones are split- half are very good and anxious to hunt down that fickle diagnosis- it can take months even years..but these Drs. when they finally feel they have the right diagnosis for you, tend to close the medical file on you and feel they are "done." The other half of Mito experienced Drs. prefer to tend to the long term care process, they do clinical trials,track progression. I wish they would team up- when you go to your first appt they would say, " I am Dr. "A" I will find what is wrong. The other Dr. would say, and I am Dr. "B" and when Dr. A is done with you, you will come see me for care.

I used to think if a Dr. practiced with a University or Public hospital system they were under more pressure to see everyone equally- I guess I assumed they were like the Emergency rooms- where everyone's medical needs are supposed to be given equal care. I always thought private practice Drs. would be more likely to be picky. I find it can often be the reverse. Today, many of the greatest Drs. have opened their own practices because they want the time and freedom to care for their patients. Often hospital systems and Universities have a "one size fits all" standard and it leaves Drs. feeling that they are unable to care for their patients in the way they need.

They give us all sorts of subtle signals- and for the most part I never catch on. I cling to any Dr. that seems to know more then we do. It is always a surprise when I realize they are trying to break up with me!

Dr.s really need to demand that their medical schools create a "standard" for breaking up with a patient- So they all give the exact same signals- I don't want to go to a Dr. that doesn't want to help me, anymore then they want to see me, but they need to be a little more consistent so I know the "Signal.

Maybe I can work with Hallmark- make some Breakup Card that a Dr. could send a patient? Wouldn't that be something to get in the mail?? LOL

If you haven't been broken up with, give me a call, I want to know what you are doing! For all of us who have been broken up with, I feel for you! But, remember, it is a lot harder for them to break up with us, then it is for us to dump them!


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