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Monday, February 6, 2012

1 baby 3 parents..

Scientists want kids with three parents to help eradicate genetic disease

SYDNEY scientists want to create designer babies with the DNA of three parents to prevent children inheriting life-threatening diseases.

IVF specialists argue they could eradicate mitochondrial mutations - which can cause multi-organ failure and fatal heart, liver and muscle conditions - by removing defective genes and replacing them with healthy DNA from a donor.

The procedure, described by scientific opponents as "fraught with danger", would ensure women with the severe genetic condition do not pass it on to their children.

"This would mean we are using the genes of three parents," IVF Australia's Professor Peter Illingworth told The Sunday Telegraph.

But Professor Illingworth defended the procedure, saying it was "not properly understood" and "would not affect the child's genetic make-up".

Read full story at; http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/scientists-want-kids-with-three-parents/comments-e6freuy9-1226262783608

My question is, can we step past the moral issues to make this a reality?

I am admittedly conservative in some of my views. I stopped and thought about this for a moment- if I had been told Abby would get this Mito, and if I let them engineer the fetus we could avoid Mito, I may feel uncomfortable about a child that is not just mine and Derek's, but to get rid of Mito? Without question we would have done it.

The issue is the temptation to play god. I mean if I have 3 parents to pick genes from, don't you think folks will be wondering if they get a choice of hair color,skin, height, intelligence, life span... and if they can eliminate genetic disorders then those with means to afford this procedure would have the healthiest and longest living children, while those without money would have reproduce the old fashioned way and continue passing on "flawed" genetics..

Where is the line? Should there be one? Who decides where the line should be?


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