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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

back down the hill....

Not that we aren't still hopeful, but Abby's stomach has been really bothering her again. Her proteinuria is back off the chart.

She did run around more then she has in months this weekend, so we are keeping our fingers crossed with some rest she will start bouncing again.

A little concerned though- she has been have night sweats this past 3-4 days.. no fever, not hormone related(based on week of the month) so not exactly sure what is causing it, again just crossing our fingers it will just go away without having to make yet another trip to the Dr. to likely hearing them say, "Gee, we don't know what is causing this!"

The Sun is out today here in Houston and it feels wonderful! I think my afternoon will be pulling the zillion weeds from my flowerbeds- which of course is a perfect excuse to get some sun therapy.

At my Husband's office the flu is going around- just great! So he may get the Lysol treatment after work for awhile- the last thing we need around here is the flu..


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