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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Do I dare hope that Abby might be actually getting better?

We are past the one week point with the Elecare. It was a rough start, but by yesterday she said her body was "craving" the elecare.. This morning is one I don't think I will forget any time soon.

She came out this morning to greet me as usual, and maybe it was just me but there was a MARKED difference. The face was not as drawn, her body moved more smoothly, her eyes had some sparkle and she had volume and tone to her voice. She said she felt more like herself and had not realized how shutdown she had felt before. Her kidney proteins are dropping daily, she said the pain in her kidneys is down to a very low level..her stomach doesn't hurt as badly. She said she feels more herself and has a little kick. One week has not erased the pain and illness from her body, but either she is on a little bounce or the Elecare is worth its weight in gold.

I have always believed that her Allergies were key to all of this...This last month I was ready to surrender, to watch this depletion take over- but not after this morning.

Could a container of powdered food really be the key? Don't get me wrong, I have no illusions that this is a "cure", but is it possible it might take us back to Abby the "sensitive" instead of Abby the "sick?"

We all agree with Mito that it is important to fine tune each body system. If one body system is damaged, it does tend to wreck havoc in another.. Could this really scary year be over? Could "food" yet again be our enemy and our hope?

It is hard not to hope. Even if the Elecare is helping, the fact that she needs the Elecare at all clearly defines we have an issue. However, finally a tool to work with... now for patience.

This morning as I putter around the house, I cannot help but visualize her back in College. I keep telling myself not to get too hopeful, because when the crash comes we will all be heartbroken. I just cannot help myself.

Thinking I really should start taking a pic each day- the changes in her from last week until now have been quite remarkable.


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