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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Long day...

Flying back and forth to Atlanta was a long long day.

1) The TSA at Atlanta and at Hobby in Houston were terrific. I had been dreading dealing with flying with concern about the TSA. However, it was a breeze, the TSA employees were polite and kind.

2)Delta airlines gets a thumbs up! It is the first time we have traveled with a wheelchair, and not only did they have it down where Abby did not have to worry, they were delightful. We have flown continental airlines almost exclusively. I had heard Delta was lacking in customer care, but, I gotta say, I have never met so many employees that were so equally organized,cheerful and professional! Go Delta!

3)I think it is finally sinking in that a depletion is a depletion is a depletion. That there may be other health issues that pop up, but at the root of the majority of it, is the depletion. I think we have all been hoping it was a mistake, or secondary that something else will pop that is to blame for all the other issues and the depletion is just something that is there but not the cause of all the troubles. Reality stinks.

4)A good Dr. is worth more then a million bucks. Abby's Mito Specialist has this magic way of talking Abby and I off the roof. For so many years Drs. minimized Abby's symptoms to the point that I constantly felt so lost it is no wonder it has taken us so long to trust the Drs. Abby has right now- in the past the various Drs. we took Abby to did not know so therefore it did not exist.. Having someone who listens,who knows more then we do, and has the experience to help Abby be as healthy as possible is priceless.

5)Hertz gold members for car rentals is the best. Great car,warmed up and waiting for us to help ourselves, and when we returned the car they gave us a ride to our gate(Atlanta airport is MASSIVE, they saved us a least 30 minutes of hiking around).

We can chose to focus on the negatives, or to look for the good stuff.


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