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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mito Vocab

Within every culture and community we develop language to best describe the unique details that are unique to our community or culture-

For example, a few of my 3rd cousins (or similar relationship)said to us, "grind and grease" with a heavy accent mind you.

They grew up in East Texas where life revolved around fishing,hunting and what the land provides-and trying to make the dollar spread as far as it would go.

Grind and Grease- What that means is to batter catfish in cornmeal(grind refers to the grinding of corn)and grease means to fry it.

In the Mito World our culture is rapidly developing language that has it's own definitive meaning.

Bounce- With many Mitochondrial diseases a cold, the wrong food, wrong temperature, can cause a "flare" in symptoms. We can watch our child's symptoms intensify and watch the disease appear to progress rapidly. "Bounce" refers to a flare or progression that is temporary in nature. We all hope for the bounce.

Baseline- a certain spot in the disease process where there is no progression, where we all recognize where he/she is at in the disease process and it makes it easier to recognize any changes if we know their baseline.

Stabilize- During a flare, we have to sit back and often watch progression. If there is no "Bounce", and no absolute halt in symptoms that we can call a baseline, we say we are waiting for them stabilize. Stabilize seems to describe a clear picture of where they are at in their active progression.

We all want a Bounce! We all like to know our child's baseline as it identifies when progression is occurring. If our child is in a flare, we watch and wait- we hope first for them to stabilize and then for a point where we can identify the "new" baseline.

In the Mito World from a purely Anthropological standpoint, the speed within which our group of people are defining and developing new cultural and community traditions,language and behaviors is impressive. 20 years ago, I don't think it would have happened. What we are witnessing and participating in is culture mets technology.

When I find a few more "new" words I will post.


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