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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mitochondrial Disease Vocab-

More new vocabulary words today.

A few of the Mito Mom's and I have been talking about nutrition and environmental impacts on our Mitochondria.

In the Mito World there is no cure, but they treat the damage and encourage supplements to make the Mitochondria function better.

My thoughts are wandering toward all of the "danger" we expose our Mitochondria to on daily basis. My question has always been, what can I do as a Mom to reduce the risk of making Abby worse? Clearly, we have tinkered with nutrition over the years because of her extreme allergies. If you search the Web, you will find thousands of articles that talk about nutrition and the impacts on our bodies. Lately, the Autism world has been making huge strides on discovering from an elemental level how helpful good nutrition is for their children and I have following their blogs and trying to make sense of their fabulous and deep understanding of how food interacts within our bodies.

Another angle is environmental exposures. Remember BPA? They banned it from baby bottles. Or remember years and year ago when nonstick pans first came out? Those first coatings were found to be dangerous and cancer causing to our bodies.

I know for Abby her Mitochondrial Depletion is genetic. She doesn't have enough mitochondria. However, it appears that the Mitochondria she has is healthy, so what can I do to keep those little energy makers healthy? We have learned that there are medications that are toxic to mitochondria. Wouldn't it be logical to assume the millions of chemicals we bath ourselves in via food,environment etc could be potentially dangerous?

MSG- Acknowledged by the Mito World as BAD for Mito Patients.

Toxic to Mito Medicine- Visit MitoAction to read their long list of medications that Mito patients and suspected Mito patients and even family members should avoid if possible.

OXALATES- newest word in my vocab. Here is a quick link that I found helpful http://www.lowoxalate.info/

SALICYLATE- quick summary http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salicylate_sensitivity

ROTENONE- Dr. Cohen speaks about it and we have heard some Children's hospitals are testing for it. A link-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotenone

2,4 D- a product called Speedzone- Kristi at BabyfoodSteps did a great job researching this and many of my other vocab words :-) It is being used heavily in Houston.

RoundUp-talked about this on my blog a few days ago.

Many of these chemicals are often touted as "naturally occurring" and they are, but that doesn't mean they are good for our bodies- Arsenic is naturally occurring- but we know how dangerous that is!

For anyone wanting a more in depth look at these chemicals and the impacts on the body I suggest visiting Kristi at Baby Food Steps She posted an amazing entry yesterday with great links and supporting literature.


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