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Friday, February 24, 2012

New World of Chemicals-impacts on Mito..

For years farmers have filled their cattle,pigs,chickens with hormones and antibiotics. For years we heated plastics that were likely poisoning us. We know environmental chemicals, pollution are absorbed into our bodies, but why so few studies or tests?

Last night a friend(a good friend!)mentioned Oxalate. I know I had probably read something about it at some point in my reading addiction but could not remember. Turns out it is naturally occurring. Heavy in spinach. In general it is perfectly safe except when your body may not be functioning properly(leaky gut is mentioned). Did you know that kidney stones are 50 percent Oxalate? The things we learn! But, can we translate these bits of information into health through nutrition? I know we cannot cure everything, but surely if you had a history of getting kidney stones wouldn't it be helpful to know which foods were heavy in oxalate- and then with less consumption maybe you would get fewer stones? Sounds logical. The frustrating part is that these logical thoughts on what we eat are not being translated into medical research.

A few links on Oxalates-

Clearly there is a connection that this element can interfere with Mitochondria.. but, with all the Dr.s Abby has seen, I cannot find a test for oxalates in any of her records...

We all know that when we eat food based on our bodies metabolic needs we feel better. No one argues with that(well some do, like the US food pyramid that is making America fat and sick).. it seems like a very easy leap to acknowledge that there are compounds even in our "healthiest" foods that may not be ideal for everyone. For example, my husband does best with very little carbohydrate in his diet. The amount of meat fat he eats literally makes my stomach turn. But, he feels better- no bloating, no GI upset and even his cholesterol levels drop. I run best with more carbohydrate and less fat.

I am hopeful as the study and research into genetics sped up over the next couple years, they will be able to connect the dots. Wouldn't it be just great if they could draw your blood at your yearly physical and be able to set up a diet to fuel your unique body the best? A test that would check for pollution, plastics,metal poisoning,element imbalances.. A quick printout of which foods to avoid and for how long, and which to add and for how long..You could be tested before getting pregnant so you know you are providing the safest environment for your growing baby.

We know so little.


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