WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The alternate.

(Kefir "grains" in picture)

We have started "Project Elimination."

Yesterday we drove to Gramen Farms. No chemicals,no hormones, no corn feed.. Food clean and pure the way it is meant to be. They are one of the leading farms in the Greater Houston area and have sterling credentials. They also encourage folks to drive out to the farm, see what and how things are kept, and if I had little children I would bring them to visit with the very friendly farm animals.

Did you know that some honey bee keepers are actually putting out vats of corn syrup for their bees? To amplify their honey! So Wrong! The vast majority of corn products are made from GMO corn, which is KILLING off our honey bee's- I keep thinking, what are we doing eating corn in everything if this corn is killing the honey bee's that it needs to produce? It cannot be ideal.

Thankfully, he has a very very particular bee keeper who even "hides" her hives from any crops- true wild Texas honey. One of the worlds most pleasant treatments for Hay Fever- a teaspoon of fresh local honey each day!

Feta cheese- holy smokes- you just have not eaten good feta until you have had it from fresh raw goat's milk..

Dairy- always a HUGE controversial topic- is Raw un pasteurized milk safe? A heck of a lot safer then what most of America eats at McD's!!!

Quick fact- Did you know that by the time your gallon of pasteurized 2 percent milk makes it to the grocery store, the dairy farmer has made 51.00 on the gallon????? Also, that "organic" milk you are buying? You might want to read more about it, it is not organic in the way I would want it to be- and it is pasteurized and all the natural live cultures it started with are gone-odds are you might as well by the store brand. Many of the commercial yogurts and dairy first sterilize the product which kills the natural probiotics- then they add probiotics they have raised- not saying that is bad, but I would rather have the ones that are supposed to be with the food, not ones that have been chemically selected.

In raw milk it is the full package. The milk holds all the bacteria to help you digest it. In Pasteurized milk before it gets to the grocery store the dairy farm has taken all of those "GOOD" bacteria out of the milk- there is evidence that shows that when they started taking all the "good" stuff out of the milk to make sour cream,cream cheese,butter and finally pasteurizing we witnessed a HUGE spike of people that are dairy allergic or sensitive or lactose intolerant.

Does this mean that Abby can digest it? No. But worth a try down the road- with tiny baby steps.

Kefir- Worlds best dose of probiotics in a drink of raw,fresh kefir(cannot buy kefir out of raw milk at the grocery,so they add processed probiotics and not nearly as many or variety you get in raw). My hubby loves the stuff! We bought both goat and dairy to taste the differences, goat is similar to dairy protein wise, but has smaller particles and is generally slightly easier to digest. It is also a natural cure to chronic constipation. A swig of tasty natural kefir seems so much more "normal" then a glass of Miralax with all its chemicals.. again,, I am not sure this is going to be what works, she may need to stick with the miralax, but isn't it worth a shot? Eating to be healthy instead of lining up glasses and pills of chemicals?

Free range chickens- no additional feed- they only eat what they find in the fields(which are free of fertilizers,chemicals,insecticides). No hormones, no medications, no antibiotics and best yet, no corn feed! Since Abby relies on chicken and fish for her protein intake, this is a must for us- We can find "organic" in the store, but what the government deem's organic is very different then truly natural and safe.

Beef- we brought home beef that had been butchered at the farm that very morning. Beef that had no additives or treatments..that had been raised in fresh and natural fields.. Odds are that Cow had eaten far better and more naturally then my years of hamburgers and pizza's! Oh and the smell of fresh meat is so different and so much more appealing..low fat naturally.. the smell took me back to the smell of a rib roast when I was a kid-before they started mutating the beef with chemicals..The difference is like buying a tomato in December or a commercially raised tomato vs a tomato raised in your home garden- the hot house tomato is so watered down, void of a vigorous flavor, but the home garden tomato is packed with flavor. One of my favorite things is in the morning where the tomato plants are still a little dewy but the sun is warming the cherry tomatoes on the bush and you can smell the tomato plant before you get to it- each sun warmed tomato is packed full of flavor.. that is the same difference between natural grass fed beef and GMO corn fattened beef..

So, some of you are probably sitting back saying, WOW she finally fell off her rocker for real!

But, so far any medication causes more harm then good for Abby. The only "evidence" we have with Abby is that if she gets MSG her protein loss doubles, she feels weaker, more fatigue.. same with all of the preservatives.. If she gets corn product no matter how broken down, her GI issues flare.. So, for Abby right now, wouldn't we go out of our way to eliminate anything that doesn't come fresh and natural as it should? At least if we go truly natural(not commercial definition of "natural") We will know exactly what causes a reaction, which will make it safer and easier to figure out what is causing reactions. One ingredient food provides us simplicity. Store bought milk,beef,chicken is not 1 ingredient- you have to include antibiotics,hormones,pesticides,sodium injections to make it pretty, etc..

I gotta say, when I had to go online to read the ingredients in the ELecare(because they don't put it on the label) it was depressing- a big long list of processed and chemically bathed and twisted particles..no wonder she started having problems with it..and no way for me to tease the ingredients apart to figure out which one is aggravating her.

To be clear, this in not a cure. But, it is the safest and most natural way for us to figure out what is safe for her body and what is not.

We had tried the "marrow bone soup" for Abby, and it did not agree- but, we think it had too much fat because she ate too much to tolerate. So, we will scale back and see if a tiny bit at a time is acceptable. If anything, we will find out whether she is truly having an issue with "fats" or with "proteins" or allergies. It will be so nice to have her foods more clearly defined.

This is not going to be an all or nothing practice for us. But, I am going to start buying local produce(A couple CSA'a and local growers that are certified organic practices, you can even get weekly home delivery!). Buying local will be good for local businesses, and helpful for us to figure out if it a reaction to the food itself, or to the chemicals commercial farmers use.

I will still be at HEB buying what I cannot find natural and local- if someone in my house wants kraft grated cheese(and my secret addiction to Diet Rite(abby gets martinelli apple juice and thankfully is not a huge soda drinker )- they can feel free :-)If they want their skinny white bread they can have it-though I will offer a more natural option. But, my goal is to reduce the chemicals coming into my home and our bodies, to increase the probiotic value in our food, to add more fresh and chemical free vitamins through our food.. If we see any improvements with Abby we will push a little harder- but, we need balance around here. I happen to really like my smart one's frozen dinners- and the lengthy list of of unnatural ingredients should make me run from it.. but we are going to try just being more natural and common sense.. a little bit at a time.

Oh and FYI for anyone freaking out right now thinking raw milk is illegal- it is NOT illegal. In the state of Texas they actually go through some serious scrutiny to be allowed to sell it. They are NOT allowed to sell it anywhere but at the farm where it was produced. But it is perfectly legal.

Also, it isn't cheap. Mystery pink slime burger is way cheaper- but to know the cow was healthy and natural and no chemicals that Abby reacts to were used- well for my family that makes it worth the cost.

If I get even a better flavor from this experiment it will be worth it! And it will be much easier to avoid preservatives for Abby, which makes her feel much better.

This might be a "stage" and if we get no benefit I may be grabbing some yoplait in a few weeks :-) But, a fun and tasty adventure, and who knows, might make us all feel just a little healthier!


babyfoodsteps said...

Sooo impressed with all you have found and shared and will be closely following "project elimination" and taking notes!

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