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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Anesthesia reduces Proteinuria

One of Abby's special features(sports car reference!)is that every time she has received anesthesia in the past two years, for the following 48-72 hours she shows a HUGE reduction in proteinuria.

Even getting plenty of a local for her muscle biopsy provided the same result- a temporary reduction in proteinuria.

For the life of me, this just doesn't make any sense. The only connection I can even try to theorize would be something to do with adrenalin.

For the last couple months she has mostly been dumping 3+ and 4+ but like clockwork, Saturday and Sunday,following her scope, she dropped down to 1+ and 2+. Of course by Monday she started climbing back up.

I also could look at it as every time she has needed anesthesia her body has suffered a trauma- so maybe it was the trauma that caused the reboot on the proteins? Not sure that fits, because every time she over does it, or gets sick, the proteins shoot up- I would think being sick or overtired her body would register as trauma..

All these little weird special features must mean something, but what?

So coffee time this morning will be googling anesthesia and renal. :-)


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