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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Environmental insults and Mito

Somewhere in my heart, I truly feel there is a connection somewhere between environmental insults and Mitochondrial Diseases.

Certainly, we are finding a growing list of chemicals (round up?)that cause Mitochondria damage. We all agree that throughout our lives we build up mitochondrial damage due to exposure to life in general.

Fluoride,toxic medications, environmental insults, chemicals.. In the past 50 years we went from a society that used little of such things to a society that panics at the thought of not having our daily chemical bath.

I wish I could say I was one of those people that is making an intense effort to go "natural", but I am not. I did toss the Round up and I have a feeling I am really going to miss it when the weeds are 5 feet tall and it is 100 degrees and humid..I sure hope vinegar works on the Texas size weeds! Every time I think about gutting the house,I am overwhelmed- everything is probably something that should have danger warnings- from carpet sizing, to stain guards, to who knows what my fruit and veggies were bathed in(did you know they bleach some veggies not just to disinfection, but to make them pretty? go for the ugly cauliflower!)

The other day I was driving through the neighborhood. We approached a house that had Mega Texas/Houston sized weeds growing and we saw the strangest thing- the entire 6 person family was out in the yard, gently digging out each thistle and dandelion. I admired them for their efforts. Reminded me a bit of the old days growing up in the NW(anyone in my age bracket will remember lawn duty with the dandelion remover tool-YUCK!)I was awed that the parents were teaching their children not just that you don't need chemicals, but that weeding is not going to hurt them. You know after a day pulling weeds, they will sleep well. But, just as I was having all these warm and fuzzy feelings about this family I noticed their neighbors were out working on their yard. Along the driveway they had at least 4 different bags of lawn chemicals. The home owner was out in the sunny weather, using the lawn spreader to shoot the chemicals on thickly. In fact, he was spreading so fast there was a dust cloud around him. I figure he will have the nicer lawn. Actually, all the yards surrounding the family with the megaweeds were the shocking green perfection that only lawn chemicals can produce. So, I found myself pitying the family I had only moments ago wanted to commend- If everyone around them is bathing their yards in chemicals, they are getting the same exposure. Their itty bitty effort isn't making a bit of difference. By the time I got home I realized that they had made a difference. They chose to care for their lawn in an environmentally friendly way. They showed their children and their neighbors that there are options to chemicals.

The next day, my husband lined up the lawn chemicals on our driveway and thickly laid them down.

It took 15 minutes to chemically weed the lawn. IT saved his knees and back from aching. He saved all that time to work on other projects.

That is how we live as Americans now- Time is money, and time is more important then nature- or our mitochondria. Are there researchers looking to find out if our addiction to perfect lawns is causing damage to our mitochondria? It sure seems that we have seen a dramatic increase in many diseases and disorders in the past 50 years since we embraced the "Chemical Era." I wonder if we could turn back the clock and ban chemicals and wonder bread, if Abby would still have a Depletion?

Kristi over at BabyfoodSteps is starting a new monday column- I am so excited! She always brings the greatest information to light. This week's topic " The canary in the Coal Mine.". Definitely a MUST read!


Jenna said...

I am really glad to live in a part of San Antonio that doesn't care about there lawns. Everything I have read lately about those chemicals are so scary. We are not going chemical free either, I wish I could say that I was, it seems like so much. I also wouldn't even know where to begin.

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