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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Epidemic- Bad Drs or Bad patients?

In the business world when there is a delay between divisions like sales to production to delivery, it is called a "bottleneck."

Usually, someone in Management of one of the three area's is charged with finding out what is causing the "bottleneck."

Sometimes the bottleneck is very easy to fix and operations based on the business model resume smooth operations. Sometimes though despite the best effort to discover what/where
the bottleneck is, it cannot be fixed quickly or easily. At times it is caused by multiple issues- maybe Sales isn't filing their paperwork, or production is not communicating with delivery.. or one of these area's is just poorly managed. He who is tasked with fixing this issue is not usually the guy anyone wants to see. No one ever wants to talk about problems or failings of themselves or their division.

At this point the Business is suffering delays and profit margins are suffering. Managers are losing commissions,clients aren't getting goods on time,HR is getting loaded with complaints from staff that aren't happy they are being blamed and want to have a written record of their innocence. The Sales department is getting an earful from clients and they are not able to make their quota's . The business comes to a dead stop.

In business you can actually hire or contract a special business that comes in with an objective and unbiased opinion to discover where the problems are and how to fix them. No one wants this.. you are under a magnifying glass. Your managers throw you under the bus. Usually part of the resolution is a lot of firing to remove any potential bad apples. But the owners or board of the company have no choice, in order to stay in business the bottleneck must be fixed. Sometimes just the suggestion that they will need to hire an outside team to fix the issue will encourage employees to reach deep into themselves and admit they are the problem and fix it- who wants to be fired?

There are 3 models you will not find this approach in- Medicine,Public Schools, and State and Federal government offices(Public Schools in theory still have some community input in how they are run so I listed them separately.)

Public Schools- I am guessing it was about 6 years ago when I read an article about some government parent survey. In this survey the majority of parents felt that Public Schools were failing academically and were unsafe. The survey went on to ask them about their own local public School - nearly every participant that felt "other public schools were failing" gave their own local Public School an A+.
Pretty much daily you can read an article about how unfit Teachers are sitting around playing checkers and getting paid their salary for years at a time, because they have complaints against them they are not able to be around children, but because of their Union or contract the District is unable to fire them. Or last month the schools that can deem a child's lunch from home as unfit and can force the parents to pay for a school lunch that includes fried chicken nuggets(good luck requesting an ingredients list)or pink slime injected burgers- after all the child's lunch was a fresh meat and cheese sandwich,clearly we all would rather our kids eat mystery deep fried fatty foods over something from home with nutritional value right? Big old BottleNecks- and nothing can be done, nothing will be done because Public Schools are not run on a business model. Administrators, then Teachers, then Janitors and then students in that order have importance to the Public School Model- they refuse to hire an intervention team or allow one to remove the bottlenecks-it will fail,it is failing.

State and Federal Government- My mind is so flooded with multiple examples of the huge BOTTLENECKS and gross loss in Government run organizations that I cannot pick any particular example. The most recent example that pops into my head is this report that gives Texas a big Fat F for transparency and public access to information. Again a clear failure because these are not run on a business model that allows for the identification of bottlenecks and/or the removal of them. Based on exploding gas prices,foreclosures,unemployment,corruption, it is failing.

Lastly- Medicine. There are a million examples of BottleNecks in our current Medical models. I have been shocked numerous times after reading research out of Cornell, or NIH or other association that has created a CURE or Treatment for what we thought were untreatable or incurable diseases. Mitochondrial disease was recognized in the 1960's. Today in 2012 you will still find many Drs. fresh out of medical school who say "Mito What?" Abby was born in 1995. It wasn't until she had been through four different diagnose's and 15 years having an unknown disease that it was finally diagnosed. In 1997 they had the information and tests to find her disease in her biopsy that year, but because that information did not make it to the treating labs,Drs, and hospitals until recently she went undiagnosed and miserable for most of her lifetime. Getting a disgnosis can take years. For Mito it has been a 50 year bottleneck. Even with a Dr. who has training in identifying a mito disorder,a patient is warned it can take YEARS. In the past couple years there have been tons of discoveries of what is damaging our mitochondria, yet that information doesn't make it to the treating physician,so certainly not to the patient.. Clearly a bottleNeck-but with no business model that includes how to find and remove bottlenecks we will continue to see 20 year delays between discovery and treatment. A few weeks ago a friend sent me a video where a Dr. William Gahl and his team identify Bottlenecks that have literally tied their hands and caused their patients to die, even though there was a treatment that would save their patients life. How many children,Moms,Dads and sisters are left to die for no reason other then a BottleNeck? Clearly, these bottlenecks are causing failure to provide competent medical care.

Are you angry now? I am. If a family allowed a child to die even though they knew there was a treatment- those parents would be in jail. If a family allowed someone who abused their kids to care for their kids and the kid got hurt- the family would be charged with neglect, likely serve jail time, and might lose their child. But the Public Schools aren't held to that same standard. If a family knew they had not paid their taxes then the IRS would come after them and if they don't pay they would go to jail, but our Government doesn't pay its bills and there are no penalties.

It is an Epidemic.

We the patients, the families, the citizens are GUILTY of allowing a system to grow and allow the blatant abuses and neglect of it's citizens. The only ones that will hold these models accountable to remove the BottleNecks that are causing this suffering, are we the PEOPLE. Until we wake up and are willing to do the work(which is often just admitting there is a problem)we the citizens will be responsible for ourselves and for their bottlenecks. In our refusal to admit accountability for these bottlenecks we are FAILING.

We can demand a responsible business model. We can demand accountability to remove the Bottlenecks that literally are causing the loss of life.

When I think of the loss of life, the distress, the poor care, the abuse clearly evident in our government run systems I cannot help but bring this poem to mind;

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.


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