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Friday, March 9, 2012

Everything went fine...

Found inflammation everywhere, Findings, Reflux Esophagitis, Antral Gastritis, Gastritis..

Now we wait for the biopsy results next week.

This place is great, they actually took pictures of her insides and handed them to her when she woke up showing her where the inflammation was and where they took the biopsy from. I will try to scan the pictures and post them.

They provide online results of the biopsy and ultrasound next week and we see the GI Dr. the following week, unless we need to see him sooner.

Overall, I am so pleased we stuck with a "traditional" Dr. approach and avoided the Mito World Zebra approach- it just was so nice to see her treated like the normal person..

So far no ill side effects and she is moving around like it never happened- Of course we will watch her closely.

She did have an allergic reaction but mild, and the tubing for oxygen against her skin rashed her up seriously- but it is all faded now and she said it was easier then the kidney biopsy and muscle biopsy and urinary reflux test by far!

It was clear from the moans, groans, tears and gagging noises in the recovery, that Abby was an exceptional patient- Her GI was quite impressed this tiny little 16 year old managed perfectly compared to the other patients today.

Only one funny- as she woke up she said "my mouth tastes like Apple Crumb Pie!" and she said it a couple times LOL She said when they used the spray it tasted awful! But, on waking up it had transformed into a very sweet Apple crumb pie flavor :-) At first I thought she was just dreaming about apple pie, heaven's knows she hasn't gotten any in a long long time, but after a bit we realized she was serious and reasonably awake :-)

Fingers crossed that inflammation is all H-pylori or something equally easy to treat.


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