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Monday, March 19, 2012

Identifying Autism Cults-

I was blog browsing yesterday and found a blog called the "The thinking Person's Guide to Autism."

One post caught my eye, "Identifying and avoiding Autism Cults."

Reading through the article I instantly thought, WOW we could rename this article, "Identifying and avoiding MITO Cults."

Already the Mito World is dividing.

Those who follow traditional, those who follow alternative, those who blend both, those who feel their Mito Dr. is a god, those who don't believe it is Mito at all,and the we will question everything Cult. In Houston, we don't have as many alternative health options, but they are growing. We don't have options of Mito Drs. considering the massive size of our city, state and med Center. So, when those options come here, which cult will you follow? Will it unite us, or further fragment our community?

We all pick a "Cult", to some degree. The question is, do we understand that we have a choice? That not one particular cult has all the answers.

It certainly would be easier to follow one cult with absolute conviction. I don't think I am a capable of that... but we will see where this journey takes us- who knows, maybe we will find a Dr. that will inspire me to become part of the "My Mito Dr. is a God" cult- so far it hasn't happened yet in my life time, but who knows? It sure would be easier then questioning every single bit of data.

Reading over this, maybe I have a "cult" - The "No Question is a Stupid Question cult. :-)


Jenna said...

I have been in the autism world for the last 3 years. Just lately I find myself walking away.
I really hope mito doesn't follow the autism footsteps. It is really frustrating in the autism world to think about everything you say. Everything you say in the autism world can be offensive to someone.

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