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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not quite perfect...

Yesterday afternoon Abby woke and developed extreme pain..(ER level pain) we did get a hold of the Dr. and we did end up trying some pain meds and antacids- those and just some time settled the pain right down to manageable levels. The Dr. did not think the pain was from the scope- but probably whatever primary disorder that is causing the gastritis.. this was by far the worse pain Abby said she has ever experienced..

6am now, and she has been fine and sleeping mostly since. We went ahead and put her on a full liquid(Elecare)diet for 24-48 even though they said she could eat normally. Her body might just need a break after all that- an Ultra sound, Scope and 18 hours without food and fluids, that is a very long day for any Mito patient.

Going to be a long week waiting for her results....


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