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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Q and A Time!

Q) Do you like Starbucks?

A)Nope- think it is a waste of money and packed with empty calories and really doesn't taste good- I am happy with Maxwell House.

Q) Do you like ChicK -Fil- a?

A)Nope- over priced, not open on Sunday, and now contains MSG. If there wasn't MSG I would buy it once in awhile, Abby loves chicken.

Q) Do you know people who eat and drink at those places?

A)Yep- and I love um! :-)

Q) What are your all time favorite quotes?

A) "It is what it is" "God feeds the needy, not the Greedy" "Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a tough battle too" and finally,
"I think, therefore I am dangerous"

Q)Why do you write this blog?

A) Because when I started reading blogs about Mito, I could not find any who wrote about the dark side (lack of care)to medical care in Houston(and other cities)

Q) Do your really think that Houston has a CPS problem?

A) I don't have any facts that can prove we don't, and I don't have any facts that prove we do. All I have is a lot of families who are scared because of what they have heard and some who have seen- the best way to eliminate that fear is to validate and prove there is or isn't an issue. After 15 years of KNOWING Abby had health issues and no one believed us,or were willing to help if they did acknowledge, I tend to listen and validate how people feel- If there are a lot of people feeling worried or scared, we need to know why, and we need to eliminate it. Just telling folks "don't worry" isn't going to make those feelings go away. Open communication and facts are the only thing that will air out these type of problems.

Q)Do you think Houston is terrible for Medical care?

A)No, I think that we don't have any options in care for Mito. That is a problem. I think if you have cancer or heart disease you are lucky to be in Houston- topnotch care for you! For as many families being served well with Mito, there are as many families who are not. To be clear, if you are being served well- I am thrilled, and maybe a little jealous :-) We need more Drs. who are passionate about Mito. Just reading online it is clear that Mito Drs. are just like every other speciality- Each one develops their own methods, they focus on certain types of Mito, they feel most comfortable with certain types of patients and there is nothing wrong with that, but Houston is full of very different types of Mito - and being the 4th largest city, with medical schools out the wahzoo, a ton of research, and a stunning and amazing medcenter I feel very frustrated that we are so limited for Mito care. Until ALL Mito families have access to good care, I won't be happy.

Q) Is Abby getting "good"care?

A) Better then we have in years- but we fly to Atlanta. We have found some great local specialists, but the Drs. that work best for Abby are the ones outside of the Mito world in Houston.

Q)What does Abby and the rest of the family think about your blog?

A)Abby reads my blog posts daily, and often makes suggestions of what I should cover. I keep asking her if she will make a post for me to share from her, eventually I will corner her on it. My family is pleased that I am willing to share our perspective on this journey- if even one family feels less alienated by the culture here, then my whole family is happy I have shared.

Q)Are you this opinionated about everything?

A) Probably. I think Public Schools are failing, but my dearest friends love their Public school, I think our government is headed in the wrong direction, but some of my family and friends disagree with me(and we debate!), and still like me! I feel very lucky everyday that I am surrounded by very open minded family and friends. We all think that the world would be stagnant without problems to solve. Which means we would all be sitting around still thinking the world is flat! :-)

Q) So what is up with this organic,raw craze you are currently in?

A) I am open minded,or try to be..just because someone else says it won't work, isn't enough reason for me not to try it. Medications don't usually help Abby, they usually hurt her(the rest of us live for motrin though!). I have read enough to know that some folks are getting a little relief by eliminating hormones,chemicals and since we have not tried it(at least to this level, over the years we have eliminated a lot ), I could not ignore it. Raw is safer then letting your kids jump on a trampoline.. which makes it a lot safer then a lot of the medications- why not give it a try? If it works, will I go into granola, earthy girl mode? No. I hate recycling. I like vinyl sandals. I like using paper plates. However, I will hunt down other foods that Abby can eat. If Abby could only eat twinkies- then I would fill the house to the rafters. If it works, it works. My only motivation in my current exploration of raw and completely natural is to see if it will make Abby feel even a tiny bit better. I don't see myself ever joining Green Peace- though I don't believe in saying NEver- but if for some odd quirky reason our journey took me that far, it would because it would benefit Abby.


babyfoodsteps said...

Thank you and Thank Abby for publishing your blog... it has helped other families not feel so isolated. Thank you.

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