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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Resting up.

We are just hanging around this weekend. Abby has two Dr. appointments this week, and sometimes that is just too much. We figured if she skipped her Sunday trip to the movies she might have enough energy to make it through the week without flaring up. Since she has been wiped out this week, she probably would have skipped it this weekend anyway.

No scope results. I suspect it will be on Thursday before we hear. However, if there had been anything that could be treated quickly or needed to be treated I am sure they would call- we are kind of expecting to find what tests are next instead of a treatment plan.. Who knows?

Nephrology is first up. Abby's proteins have been rotten for the last couple months, but the scope Friday caused them to drop(previous post). They are creeping back up, but we tease they will drop again before we go to the Neph and then the Nephrologist won't see what we have been worried about! LOL Like a 2 year old seeing the ped- the baby can be up all night with a 104 fever, but the minute you cross the threshold into the Drs. office that fever will drop to normal! :-)

Abby's energy has been all over the board this week. Lots of naps. She will come out to get a drink and one look at her face and I feel just rotten for her, she will look just terrible. Then a few hours later she will come out after resting and look pretty darn good! Lots of stomach pain with eating anything, but it seems to settle down within a couple hours. She has held her weight again this week so all is good. I suspect that pain is probably what is causing more fatigue then usual- just guessing though.

I am calling it a decent week though- no new symptoms! The hypoglycemia has settled down for now. A successful week around here is not having to figure out something new and whether we should be worried or not.


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