WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Sleep a thon!

Abby really had a couple of great days this week- you can just see it in her face. Rosy cheeks, no circles around her eyes, she just is so centered on the good days. I had offered to run her out and about, but she said" you know, it is kind of nice to sit and just enjoy not being miserable".. Talk about enjoying the small things Huh?

Yesterday started the sleep a thon- 2 days of lots and lots of sleeping(18 hours a day), but it is a good type of sleep- she says it feels restorative.

Going to get her out in the sunshine this weekend.. she can Manage us mulching the yard or we can hit the outlets- then we will let her back to her sleep a thon :-)

Food issues- still hurts. Still staying low to no fat. A couple days without the elemental formula and no weight loss- so we are pleased. She tried a few bites of red beans- which were painful, but not too much more so then what the easiest foods are... We will do fish this weekend and try some veggies- I know she misses artichokes, but thinking something with less fiber.. and since white fish seems to be the easiest food for her she can handle to try to re introduce some foods she has struggled with.. worse case, we back off.. but if she is going to hurt no matter what she eats, we might as well make those bites count. She is feeling very hopeful and strong- The Dr. believes, so Abby believes. I think like any type of chronic pain, sometimes mind over matter can be the most useful tool. Usually it is harder, and takes more time and effort- but it is always the best choice and the first.

A good Dr. is worth their weight in Gold!

This good space gives me more time to reflect on the good around here and around me- I need to remember how very very lucky I am. A tremendous family and equally amazing and unique friends.

I am thankful today that Abby is mild enough that we have been given the opportunity to seek out answers to the million questions this diagnosis brings. I am thankful for Dr.s who think outside of the box, who practice medicine in a way that is individual to the patient. I am thankful for my friends who share their many views and differences with me and make my world richer.

I tease frequently that if I threw a party and invited everyone I knew, it would be the worst party ever! I think I love my friends who are the strongest, most passionate, and most opened minded above all else! From raising sled dogs, to Cheer moms, to my green friends, and gasp even my Liberal friends- I thank all of you for being you- for not just being who you think everyone wants you to be!


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