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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Unplanned Trip to Holland: You're Kinda New at This, Aren't You?

Unplanned Trip to Holland: You're Kinda New at This, Aren't You?

Okay- read this blog this morning and HAD to link-

How true- she perfectly describes what any of us with chronic illnesses deal with, and exactly what send me into a big rant of how despite some Drs. thinking the medical world is perfect, or denying that there are some serious issues at foot in Houston- this is what families deal with day in and day out.

I try very hard to put myself in the Drs. shoes- but I get really sick and tired of them not recognizing or trying to put themselves in our shoes.

No family should deal with this type of attitude and mentality- yet most of us do- frequently enough that this rings so true!

These are the type of Blogs we need more of!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for linking this- what a nightmare story. Now I'm mad all over again about what happened to us in the ER in January- Grayson was seizing in my arms in the waiting room and the nurse told me they'd get us a room as soon as they could- aaaaaa!!!!

Diane said...

I tell ya... I think every Dr. should follow this blog- I bet every ER in America is full of stories just like this and yours.

Unplanned Trip to Holland- most real, honest blog I have ever followed.

Jenna said...

It is so frustrating and so common. I hate it when you are just not listened to.
When Matt just started having seizures I learned even with abnormal EEGs, if you want doctors to take you seriously then you have to take video! You know because your child is having a seizure, don't comfort them or be on stand by, get your video camera out!

Diane said...

Oh Jenna- that is exactly why I started blogging. We went for 15 years of getting blown off even though Abby had such an impact on her quality of life. But like many with Mito and other invisible diseases, if you don't fit 90 percent in their rules book, they triage you to the end of the line. I thought medicine wants to focus on preventive- that means dealing with the issues before it permanently damages our children.

I think of all the blogs like yours and Elizabeths and many others and how hearing and reading about your stories and lives has made me feel like we are not so alone- Though I try to understand that Drs. have rules and are busy, too many times they have the ability to practice preventive care and would rather wait until our child becomes a trauma or damaged before addressing it. Whether that is what they are taught, or whether because the "system" is preventing them from providing preventive care, or because a few are just bad apples- I hope Drs. can find a solution, or we can. Most Drs. do want to heal, but I prefer those who prefer to prevent before heal.


Jenna said...

I also thought doctors worked on prevention, I had always heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. Now I have learned that when you don't have a cure and you don't know where you are headed prevention doesn't seem as important.

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