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Saturday, March 3, 2012


So a hot topic. Before I begin to muse, both of my daughters are mostly/likely vaccinated(no flu vaccine, Abby might be missing one, but I think it just never got transcribed into her final vaccine record.)Both girls have vaccines recorded that nurses have asked us, what the heck is that? We are an ex Military family.

Why am I interested in vaccines since we are done with them? I cannot help but wonder if there is some connection between the way that the US gives immunizations/what is in the vaccines and our climbing rates of birth defects,preterm births,Autism,ADD, and any number of other genetic/unknown diseases who rates are climbing at an alarming rate.

I know that some of the European Countries have a delayed immunization process.. some only give 1 vaccine at a time. Their rates of some of the diseases I mentioned above are significantly lower. I know, it could be a million different things causing the alarming hike in pediatric diseases here, could it be environmental? Prenatal? What we eat? But though I firmly believe vaccines are necessary, I am also starting to wonder if our Country could be doing a much better job minimizing the often life shattering side effects? What if as citizens we could sue the manufacturers of vaccines? What do you want to bet, suddenly there would a huge and instant focus on safety? Currently, we are starting to wonder how trustworthy our Government is, and I don't believe any longer that they are the best ones to be protecting our health. Perhaps our Drs. and our families should have more say about our bodies and what we put in them.

Recently I read that as many as 95 percent of measles outbreaks occurred in people who had been previously vaccinated? So, that leads to another question- how effective are the vaccines we subject our children to? (VaxTruth.org refers to CDC released documentation)

My poor husband found out while in the Military that no matter how many times or how often he was vaccinated he never developed immunity. Which meant more vaccinations.

Abby had a rough time of every vaccine- and let me tell you, she was already the worlds most fussy and cranky baby so those weeks after each immunization where she would get a fever, then ear infection, and crying every hour were miserable. Her last vaccine was the tetanus booster and she was left with a goose egg that hurt and the egg lump stayed for over a year! I was and have been assured with each vaccination that these reactions are normal and no harm was done. Or that there is no way these issues had anything to do with the vaccine. Again, Logic people- clearly these were reactions, but rarely will a Dr. acknowledge this, and if they do, good luck getting them to write in your child's record.

Personally, I don't blame the girls vaccines for their health issues. Fact is, before they were even born the issues were there. Sara was born at 29 weeks, we lost a baby at 35 weeks, and Abby clearly had hypotonia from birth and poor fetal movement with all. What I have to wonder is, how did the vaccines I received as a child and the ones my Mother received when she was a child effect my genetic blueprint? Fact is, the study of Epi genetics has proven that shortages just with food during my grandmother's childhood could very well have altered her genetically- those mutations could be passed down to me. So, logically, something that alters my immunity, couldn't that cause a change in my blueprint? Toxicants have been proven to cause alternations. Viral infections can leave their thumb print on your physical blueprint.. so what about vaccines? Are they even studying the multigenerational impacts? If so, when will we the public find out?

Is it possible that some of us have genetic alternations that make us more vulnerable to damaging side effects? If we knew which mutations were at risk, wouldn't we be able to reduce the risk and likely increase compliance?

This morning as I wandered the web while drinking my coffee, I stumbled across this DOCUMENT At first I thought it was just one of those blah and boring court records, but it was full of testimony from families who not only had been treated like criminals for their choice in being leery about messing with their babies genetic blueprints, but many cases of the devastation of vaccines. It also clearly highlighted the Medical Worlds either frequent disdain in educating their patients or the Drs. absolute lack of education themselves. Wake up Drs.- Google is here to stay- we can go to the CDC ourselves and read about what you were supposed to be able to tell us. Patient education is a good thing,and if you as a Dr. are continuing to stay on top of your education are willing to form a partnership with your patients parents it can only be good for our children, right?. We really do want our Drs. to know more then us, or be willing to help us figure out if what we have learned is credible(CDC is pretty credible right?) We want to be able to trust that you know better then we do-but you have to prove it. Google and the Web have created a new type of patient, and some new and wonderful types of Drs, but not enough yet.

I am hopeful that my daughters will never catch the measles, after all, isn't that what was promised when we did as we were told and gave our daughters all their vaccines? If they do catch the measles is their genetic blueprint to blame or the failure of giant industry of vaccines, or do we blame our Government for not protecting us? Anyway you look at it, based on the law, the only option you(government and medical)have left us is for us to either refuse the vaccines or demand delayed vaccinations until you are willing to admit there are many unanswered questions about vaccines that scare us enough that the measles doesn't sound too bad.


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