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Monday, April 23, 2012

10 Calorie, Chocolate MIRACLE noodle cookie!

Yesterday was one of those days where I was so frustrated that despite "project elimination" Abby is still have flares. Now I should cut myself some slack, she is GOBS better then she was 2 months ago.. yet, it just got me so down and really kind of mad yesterday that I have so much more to learn about Abby in order to keep helping her- she is a very complex organism! Cute too! :-)

Of course when I get frustrated I want to eat, and I want chocolate. I have been on my own project elimination this past 3-4 months have eliminated about half of me! LOL Well not that much, but I was determined to just say no to the "bad" food- it never fixes a thing to stuff my face, just makes it worse!

But I NEEDED chocolate, and those 10 calorie chocolate meringue cookies are just gross- I wanted moist,chewy and doughy!

I had just received an order of 24 bags of Shirataki noodles(Zero calories people, zero calories!)last week and have been browsing recipes hoping some creative soul would have an interesting recipe beyond stir fry or spagetti! I did find a couple cool ones, but no cookies and no cakes. Well honestly though, who would try to make a cookie from a weird kind of chewy and smelly(they call it the "authentic smell", and it does rinse off)noodle? Apparently, the world left it to me.

Here is the recipe I created-

UPDATE- A few folks have complained this is not sweet enough- I recommend if you like a very sweet chocolate instead of bitter sweet that you use C&H Stevia/sugar blend- 2-3 Tablespoons should make it a lot sweeter for you. :-)

1 bag Shirataki noodles(zero calories)
2 medium egg whites(35 calories)
3 tablespoons dutch chocolate(30 calories)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons honey(C&H Stevia/sugar blend 2 TABLESPOONS or to taste)(raw honey-45 calories)(stevia version-zero!)
a dash of salt.

Made-1 dozen teaspoon sized cookies. 10 calories a cookie!!!!!

375 for 10 minutes.

First- open and rinse those noodles!(shirataki also known as miracle noodle picture is of the traditional yam zero calorie which is what we use)
I rinse them in the strainer with hot water- be prepared, they don't smell good at all! I sprinkle them with a few teaspoons of lemon juice and let them sit a minute, then rinse again in hot water. Let them drain well- water is our enemy in this recipe!

Next, get out a big frying pan- you don't need any grease or anything the noodles don't tend to burn or brown( and I tried!)and they don't stick(they really are a miracle, huh?). Dump the noodles in the pan and over high heat start cooking them. I stirred mine around a lot-

As you stir and they start to dry, they start making a "squeaking" kind of noise as you push them. I kept mine on the heat until they lost translucency(some) and bits and parts seemed a bit "shriveled". Take them off the heat. I know, at this point it doesn't look like much does it? Don't worry if you over cook, it will just mean 1 or 2 less cookies. IF you undercook it just means your cookie dough maybe a little runny, and you may need another teaspoon of coco powder to "thicken" it.

After they have cooled for a few minutes I put them in my handy mini Ninja food processor. I ran it until it almost looked like a gel-

Then I threw in the honey,coco powder, baking powder,salt( I thought about vanilla, but as I said, moisture is the enemy when working with these noodles)and processed it quickly till blended. It seemed a hair on the runny side, so I threw it in the fridge for an hour and hoped for the best-

Here is what it looked like after being in the fridge-

I covered a cookie sheet with a piece of tin and sprayed with Pam non stick cooking spray.(no idea what would happen and figured if it was a mess the tin was easy clean up!)

I tried 5 minutes at 375- but the tops were clearly sticky/raw still. So 10 minutes. I was thrilled with what I had created!

Sara was my brave, brave guinea pig. She topped hers with a touch of sugar free cool whip- I watched her face carefully, mostly to know if I was going to need to duck if she spit it back out- but she declared them a SUCCESS! She said her first thought was it was a lot like the flourless chocolate torte in flavor(these are not very sweet, more of a dark chocolate flavor, you can add splenda or stevia for a sweet tooth!) 3 hours later I broke one a part and they are just as moist as can be.

Truly a miracle cookie.

Thinking I am going to make little garlic/basil pizza bite crusts tomorrow. Derek cannot handle starches well, but these noodles agree with him. He has been missing pizza. So a zero calorie pizza crust would thrill him!

Chocolate unfortunately is a "high histamine" food so not allowed for Abby. I am thinking about trying a pumpkin spice version for her..

If you come up with a new twist let me know! Who knew a zero calorie stinky noodle could make such amazing 10 calorie chocolate cookies?


Jenna said...

I haven't heard to those noodles before. Thanks for sharing very interesting. I am sure a lot of people will be very thankful for your recipe.

Paula said...

Interesting! I've never heard of Shirataki noodles. You are quite clever to come up with a way to create a cookie using them.

Anonymous said...

how clever and now you have given everyone the inspiration to make new miracles with the already miracle noodle - noodles!

Anonymous said...

I made these! I changed a few things, like I forgot to blend them until I had added all the ingredients together. Still turned out. I also added about 1/2 tablespoon all natural sugar free freshly ground peanut butter along with some Vanille Creme and Chocolate stevia. To combat the extra liquid I added a little xanthum gum to thicken them up. They came out surprisingly good. Would have never thought to make cookies out of these noodles.

Diane said...

Fantastic! Peanut butter yum! So glad you tried the stevia, I have been wondering how that would turn out :-) I was looking at "powdered peanut butter" on Amazon the other day, it claims to have 85 percent less fat- of course I thought it would be great for shirataki cookies!
Thanks for sharing your take on the cookie- sounds delicious! Will have to give it a try! I love the look on people's faces when after then devore a cookie and love it, then I tell them I made it with Shirataki noodles!

Adam said...

I absolutely loved this recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Where do the egg whites come into play? They are included in your ingredient list but not in the instructions. Do you just add them with everything else?

Diane said...

Yes, just add in the egg whites when you blend in the rest of the ingredients= I am horrid at writing the recipes down! :-)

Shirataki Tofu Noodles said...

I am searching for this kind of stuff from many days..thanks for share!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane -

Do you find one brand of the noodles work better than another or they're pretty comparable?


Diane said...

Someone had asked what size bag I used - I used an 8 oz if you want to have larger cookies, or more, double recipe.

Diane said...

I found the various brands are similar. You want to use the original type of noodle though- the different sized styles may grind a bit different. Watch out for tofu! Those are more calories and don't cook the same.

Expose Clothing said...

i have been doing the same thing, and have made pancakes, cheese crackers, choc brownies, cookies and i used miracle noodles for a "mint" layer in a choc mint brownie... it was delicious. I have a question for ya, i know from experience that miracle noodles dont freeze well, but what about after being purated into a paste? as i usually add miracle noodles/rice to quiches, casseroles etc and would like to freeze them, but unsure of how the texture of the meal would hold up, and wanted to ask if you have tried it? or have you tried using Konnyaku blocks before? apparently its the same before being shaped into noodles :)

Diane said...

No, I haven't tried them pureed and frozen, but I can tell you from experience the whole noodle doesn't microwave well!
I keep meaning to try the konnyaku blocks- yes, it is the same exact same thing and I keep wondering what I could do with it. I am also getting ready to throw a bag of noodles in the dehydrator.. see if how far I can get them to dry out? Let me know how your experiment goes! :-)

Expose Clothing said...

iv tried the dehydrator, t was my first trial, and it was a MAJOR fail lol..it shrivels into tough forms of string, that are neither crunchy, or soft - and get stuck between your teeth....its a bit like extra thin twigs without flavour. with the cookies i made, i put them in the dehydrator after i made them, and it dried them up a little more, but the noodles alone in the dehydrator was not pleasant at all hahaha

Anonymous said...

Holy gosh! These are so good! Granted, I'm on a diet, so my comparison is not real chocolate chip cookies or anything. It is fudgy and tasty. My changes: Nasoya Shirataki Noodles (spaghetti style) instead of Miracle Noodles, 3 TB cacao powder instead of Dutch chocolate, 3 TB of stevia powder (not the blend), and 1 TB of PB2 (added as per commenter above). These are much tastier than both the shirataki noodles on their own and my other pathetic diet desserts. :) Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thinking outside the box for sure! I love the angle hair noodles but don't much care for the others because the thicker they get the more chewy and unattractive! I have some glucomannan powder (which is what the noodles are made of) but have not figured out how to use it. I'm just wonder if it would be good for making these since you might be able to skip the blender part (maybe)... when water is added they seem to thicken up almost instantly so it would have to be the last ingredient added. Anyway.... here is a link to the web site where I bought it: http://www.konjacfoods.com/product/1.htm

They have lots of good information on their home page about shiritaki noodles in general and they seem to be pretty cheap to buy from them, too.

I've tried their angel hair ones and just love them!! My problem is I want to eat them every day and they do a number on my kidneys if I eat them that often so I have to be careful with them. Anyway... thanks for the recipe and the spark in a new direction with them.

lissajean said...

should we beat the egg whites ? fluffy?

Diane said...

No, no need to beat till fluffy. Though now that you mentioned it, I wonder what type of cookie that would make. :-)

Kerri Bolen said...

I made these today and they are REALLY good! I started putting mine on a flat cookie sheet but it didn't work real well. So I put them in a cupcake pan and they turned out AWESOME - like little mini chocolate cupcakes! thanks :)

Diane said...

What a terrific tip Kerri! Thanks for sharing that! I have been thinking about a couple new recipe ideas, so I am going to see if I can use your cupcake pan idea! Glad you enjoyed them! for as low calorie as these are, you just would never know! :-)

Lisana said...

hmmm looks interesting

Dennis Fox said...

I am totally trying this Abby. I was thinking about finding some crackers made from Shirataki and searched and found this page. I wonder if my wife will "approve" of your miracle cookies. LOL

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