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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 calorie Orange -sicle Miracle cookie!

Added a pic of the orangsicle cookie to my gallery- have not done a break down on the calorie but am sure I am inside the 10

1 bag zero calorie noodle

3 egg whites(I used 3 tablespoons of the whites scramblers instead this time which is 25 calories)

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 box of cheesecake sugar free pudding(small box, so 25 calories)

1/8 box sugar free orange jello (large box it is what I had, but 1/8 th is about 10 calories, I likely used 20 calories worth.)

1 dash salt

The big difference is, that when you mix the dry ingredients and the shirataki noodles- there was very little! So I decided to whip the egg whites stiff so that they would add more mass and bulk.. which I did - I folded the shirataki noodles that were already mixed with the other ingredients into the stiff whites- and then to the fridge for an hour. Warned, it still did not look like enough for a dozen.

These puffed up much more- so I was able to use less per cookie and spread then a little further on the sheet. I baked for 13 minutes at 375.
Here is a picture after I made the first batch of what was left- this actually made 6 cookies! :-)

These came out oddly jiggly- and the texture was alarming! like mushy marshmellow with a skin- still, I decided before I gave up I would freeze them- freezing transformed them into nice little chewy sweet orange bites! The little dab of sugar free whipped cream was not necessary-though added to the whole "cream sicle" flavor though it would add a couple calories..

I like them a lot frozen- but right out of the oven I was discouraged. Now that these batch is frozen through, I will let them thaw and see if they stay a pleasant texture, or if I just stick a popsicle stick on them and keep them frozen! :-)


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