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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

After a few hours of hard work last night, Abby and I are nearing the end of project elimination in her room.

When she was little and under the care of a strict Allergist, he beat it into my head that all things start in the bedroom. Makes sense since we spend a lot of time in there!

We have stripped, boxed, de-cluttered.. removed furniture.all stuffed critters,books,throw blankets have been banished!. I gotta say, my dust mite allergic nose noted a HUGE difference..

This of course, has left piles in the middle of my front room that I am going to have sort and pack up or toss accordingly.

The best part of this process is that both Abby and I feel like we have something to do to try to help her feel better.

We have a few more drawers to clear, and an order to make of some low allergen, easy wash bedding, new mattress,allergen covers and some sealed plastic storage bins and a new Hepa filter and her space will be in order.

This morning my allergies are flared, but Abby's is clear! :-)

WebMD has a basic no nonsense list of items to focus on when trying to eliminate allergies in your child's room. A great place to start!


Jenna said...

Good job! I am sorry you were feeling bad this morning but great to hear Abby was feeling clear.

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