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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bringing Back Simple

For all the complexities in life today, sometimes it is the Simple things that are key.

X-box's, playstations, I-pads, touch screens, I-phones, TV over the internet... All seems so complicated- so technical. Yet, we move magically to pull up coupons on the i-phone,we text without thinking, babies navigate the touch screen..what really is Simple?

I read medical papers like they are going out of style. Admittedly, I understand on average about 50 percent of what I read. I know I am learning tons, but the pieces of knowledge are so microscopic and complex to learn, that I know it will be a long long time before I can put the knowledge together to "see" the big picture.

Learning the Mito World/culture with all of it's medical terminology,vocabulary, symptoms- has been a struggle for me. Maybe because I am starting to realize that it just doesn't apply for Abby much of the time. Maybe on paper on some insurance form but in our life the complexities just add a layer of unnecessary verbiage.

Some mornings as I try to focus on some paper I have recently read, I really wonder if like Algebra if I will ever actually be able to use the knowledge?

When I hear a "Mito" word these days my brain goes into Auto translate-to something more Simple

Mitochondrial Disease= energy

Autonomic dysfunction= misery with no known cause

Depletion= less then..or in Algebra visual "<"

Maybe if I had ever taken the time to become fluent in another language learning to speak Mito would be easier?

This week has been a lesson in the Simple things. I pushed the big words, biology, and chemistry to the back burner and focused on the Simple things.

Dust removal. Fragrance free. No Corn. No Soy. No MSG.

Like the speed cups the kids magically move at a speed that tricks the eye, it is the simple things that provided Abby some magic this week.

As I was trying to put 2 cups at once into the cabinet and I almost dropped them... I keep wondering about how do the kids move those simple cups so fast? Can a Simple cup become so Complex just by the way you move it?

Corn is Simple- until you try to figure out how in impacts Abby's immune system and then how that affects her metabolically or her mitochondria..

But I think I will stick to just removing the corn. Keeping it Simple.


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