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Friday, April 20, 2012

Cockroach or Orchid?

Which are you?

The poor cockroach really gets a bad rap. They are amazing survivors. One of the few living critters that would not only survive a Nuclear explosion, but continue to reproduce without genetic mutation- How cool is that? Just about nothing kills them. Their amazing little systems can fight any number of chemicals. They can just lay eggs and wander away and their offspring raise themselves. I doubt they catch colds or flu's. They can EAT anything. They just hunker down when it is cold and wait it out, then their superior little bodies immediately sense it is warm enough to continue forward. They have a preprogrammed ability to survive, and survive well. Like zombies, if you cut their heads off the head can survive without the body for a very long time...IF you grab a cockroach in Texas and keep in a jar for a week and drive it across Country to Florida, it will hop out of that jar running none the worse for the abuse and instantly full force for survival. They are natures most successful living critter, next to the human of course!

Oh the orchid! Fabled for it's perfection, stunning beauty, and complete frailty. Humans are obsessed with them, because of the effort it takes to raise the perfect one. Their tender petals can bruise with a simple breeze. The temperature goes up 1 degree or down 1 degree and the orchid suffers and loses it's perfection.. a hair too much moisture or not enough can do them in... Give them even the minutely wrong nutrition they are goners.. Have you ever tried to get one from the nursery to home? A brush against your shirt and the perfection is gone.. by the next morning in the new environment you can see the stress and wilt..No way could you pack it up and drag it across country in a car..to nurse a sick orchid back to splendid health is truly a effort that defies natural.

When I had the girls I wanted cockroaches. Who doesn't? I wanted those babies that toddle around and when they fall they bounce back up and keep playing.. I wanted the babies who if they caught a cold it never slowed them down.. I wanted the babies who cheerfully ate everything! I wanted the babies who made the developmental milestones look too easy.. Who joyously reached out to be held by strangers. Oh and the ones who could run from sunup to sundown. Who gleefully jumped into a pool without hesitation. The ones that napped anywhere and woke up anywhere ready to roll. Who latched on to a soccer ball at 2 and could kick it better then me! Who could take any medicine or food and I would not have to think for a second it might make them sick..who outgrew naps and strollers at age 2. The ones who can use whatever brand diaper,lotion,shampoo.. immune from childhood diseases,nimble enough to never break a leg.

I have orchids. The work involved in raising orchids is mind blowing. The perfect food,temperature, movement,light,drainage.. 1 million times harder then raising a cockroach.. Maybe because we Mom's of orchid's spend a lot more time, energy and effort to raise them we seem to have an extra spectacular appreciation and attachment to these delicate little orchids. My very soul depends on whether or not my orchids are growing well and if not perfect, headed toward perfection.

Over the years I have witnessed orchids become cockroaches, and cockroaches become orchids..It happens. Everyday that I water, check the climate,provide nutrition with the hand of a chemist, I keep hoping my orchids will one day get to experience the joys of being cockroaches too!

Thankfully for Humans we have a lot more cockroaches then orchids. I am concerned though that we have a lot more orchids this past 20 years then in the past.. with Autism, Mitochondrial disease, and other childhood diseases rising quickly, we need to figure out how to turn our orchids into roaches sooner then later.

I for one, would rather be a cockroach.


Jenna said...

I hope our children become more of cockroaches, I hope that our nation and world start to realize that changes need to be made.

babyfoodsteps said...

Beutifully written and wonderfully said...
to the mom of 2 beautiful Orchids...you are a master gardner and plant whisper-er.

Penny said...

Just read this and it is wonderful! What a beautiful way to explain things.

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