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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter is a day that is full of candy and cute stuffed critters, and a family day.

Abby is still doing pretty good! Her GI pain continues to stay mild, and she has been able to expand her menu- We truly feel like celebrating. Her proteinuria has been down to 1+ and trace all week as well- best in MONTHS!

I would LOVE to think it is our efforts to go chemical free,corn free,soy free, MSG free..etc- but, in the back of my head I know we have had plenty of random weeks of major improvements in the past,none due to our efforts. I don't want to be disappointed again when despite our good habits she may crash again.

However, I am just going to enjoy seeing her face clear of pain. Seeing her enjoy eating. She even has a cold and some new funky rash and still she says she feels better then she has in weeks.

In the past when we have seen these improvements, I have been filled with an almost unbearable sense of excitement- thinking this saga is finally over- now, I am learning to appreciate the quiet periods of the saga, but know odds are, the journey continues...

Still, my heart races every time we see these vast improvements.. but I am learning to sit back and enjoy and not think too hard about what may or may not come tomorrow.

So for today my windmill's look like corn and soy- who knows what they will look like tomorrow?

Enjoy your families today. Rejoice in your faith.

Happy Easter!


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