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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Healthcare, will Obamacare serve the Mito Population?

I have absolutely no idea.

My personal thoughts are that Obamacare is a very bad idea. First of all, it forces Americans to buy a product. It is not constitutional, and we have already veered from the constitution enough to cause some serious issues to our Country and freedoms. IF we did not have medicare and medicaid this wouldn't even be considered, but since as American taxpayers we are already paying for someone else's healthcare and trusting the government to run it, we have opened the door to Socialized medicine and government.

According to recent polls, I am not alone, the vast majority of Americans and Drs. say "throw it out!"

Now, what if it were to stay-would it help our population? I don't think so. Obamacare's focus in cost cutting and adding a few more layers of government red tape. I wonder how the government feels about Mito? Do they even know what it is?

I know our insurance costs literally doubled the year after it passed. I cannot imagine that will get any better.

The one benefit is that the girls are covered till they are 26- but, you know, it probably would have been cheaper to add our oldest or get her own plan vs watching our insurance monthly premiums double..

Will it help get into the Dr sooner? No, in fact the waits will get longer.

Will Drs. get paid more or will their malpractice insurance rates go down? No.

I read that 30,000 million at risk populations will get insurance, which is fab! But, over 100 million has/will have lost their insurance because their employers have dropped their insurance.(cheaper by far to pay the penalty then maintain a staff to run their healthcare and other huge costs to maintain a policy)

So, he/she who pays in full and the Drs. are all going to take a hit to our paychecks, to provide care to 30 million after 100 million lose their insurance- Sounds like a big waste of money, and time and does nothing but changes who gets the money, and dilutes the care patients receive. I don't want the government in charge of my health, and I don't want the tax payer in charge of my health- I take responsibility at least for my body if not for my mouth! LOL

Obamacare is not going to serve the Mito Population. In my opinion! :-)

Does this mean that I think Healthcare doesn't need some change? No.

Medical care like public schools has changed directions in the last 40 years. Both have become a weird hybrid of massive business and government regulations. The focus at some point veered from the patient and the focus is the red tape and money. The ratio of staff that it takes to run a hospital or school is HUGE- the majority of people who work for a hospital/schools are not even interacting with patients or students. The money starts at the top and trickles downs, by the time the "money" reaches either the public school student or patient, it is so diluted and regulated that both the Public School student and the patient are no longer the priority. Shouldn't they be though? Is the focus in medical world the Dr., the organization, the government regulations, the hospital, the pharmacy, or is it the patient?

Adding more regulations, more laws, more costs is just removing the patient even further from the equation.

Obamacare is not serving the Dr or the patient- but, if we agree Obamacare is NOT the solution, what is?


Jenna said...

I believe Obama care will hurt the mito population as well as any other special needs population. I think government insurance is a good idea for america, but I also think the way america is going about it is even worse.

Jenna said...

As a side note I spent most of my day yesterday online looking up fast meal that take out processed foods. Last night I had a dream that I was at a really big mito conference and the room was divided like it is in autism where food is such a big issue.
For Matt I don't think food is his issue but in general I want to try to take out the processed food for our family just to be healthier.

Diane said...

We miss processed foods! They are so easy! I have always cooked from scratch over the years.. but, the ingredients I use is the question now! :-) I had no idea that the wax they put on fruits and veggies actually have corn derivatives-Ugh!

I finally printed out a "book" of words to look for and avoid, and then a list of "safe" products..
Trying to eliminate corn,soy ,gluten and dairy absolutely is going to keep things simple around here! LOL
This weekend I am going to make and can apple butter- I have never canned before but have been reading blogs,books and guides and have helped family do it before- so fingers crossed I am successful! It would add a few things that could be safe for her- like pickles,salsa,jams..
Thanks for your comments!

Jenna said...

Good luck, canning yourself will be a really helpful. I hadn't even thought about that. I hate that they even put food coloring in pickles. Please let us know how canning works for you, I might try it.
I can't imagine taking out corn, I can't even imagine how hard it is. I know it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

I just read your about section. Look into vaccinations. They could be the cause.

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