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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Miralax and the Rash..

A few days without the Miralax- and VAST improvement. The pesky rash that has been spreading all over her was reduced by 50 percent in just a couple days. Her face looks "better". She is still at a low point but had enough spoons yesterday to shower and let me brush out her hair and deep condition it- Tons of sleep..

Hoping that maybe tomorrow I can at least convince her to use some spoons to get out of the house to hit a small bookstore- or some other quick outing. Poor baby has been struggling to make it out of her room this week let a lone out of the house. Sometimes though, just getting out of the house despite the energy it takes really helps alleviate some stress.

I am hoping in a few days she will be back to "her" normal. I am slightly hopeful as well that all of these "new" issues we thought were purely corn(removing corn had helped a little, but not enough) were actually do to the Miralax..not that we will put Corn back into the diet as we have seen improvement in her GI without it, but maybe I won't have to read the labels on the toilet paper too!(corn in her TP- go figure!). The chemical miralax is made out of(PEG allergy) is in many soaps and cosmetics and lotions. However, because of all her other allergies we have found quite a few "alternate" soaps already.

Just another stage in the journey.


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