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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MitochondriYa'll Social schedule HOUSTON

Thanks to Kristi for her continuing gift of "spoons" to get this fab social gathering of Mito families put together! Ginger at MitoAction created this amazing brochure for the group- Thank you Ginger for everything you do!

A great opportunity to fundraise and eat! Best type of fundraising!

Please feel free to forward, print and/or share this information with everyone you know that may suspect Mito or has Mito- children,adults, family- everyone who has had their lives touched by Mito is welcome. We plan to drop a few copies with Abby's various Drs offices and post in a few more places. A wonderful way to get Mito Awareness out there and a wonderful laid back way to get to know the families in our Mito Community.


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