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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project Elimination- SUCCESS!

Last night, Abby was able to stay up and watch movies with us for a few hours and clearly her face was remarkably better! Her energy was better, the rash was better, and the OCD and anxiety were remarkably better! She was enjoying being up and around- her face though tired, looked significantly more like "my Abby".

This morning I am THRILLED! By eliminating the Miralax(PEG allergy?) and Corn(and maybe reducing her exposure to high histamine foods) we have rolled the clock back to this past October...

I cannot express my absolute joy to see my "Happy Abby" back!

Still some residual OCD but she said NOTHING compared to just 3 days ago!

Tummy is hungry and not hurting.

Clearly, she is going to tire quickly today, but to be expected.

Bowels are working on their own.

The question is, how long before another flare? What will trigger her next? Today though, I am just going to enjoy being with my kid again- I am going to embrace the joy all day today that leaps into my heart when she is smiling, chatting and wandering around with a bit of energy-and best of all a manageable pain level.. For today, I truly believe in miracles.

I may not always win against this disease(s)but today, the Fixer won! Abby won.

I cannot rewire Abby and make her normal, but I am more determined then ever to figure out exactly "how" she is wired, and what we need to do to keep her as functional as possible.

When the next flare happens;tomorrow,next week, maybe tonight, we will have today to look back on and to keep us on track and fighting.


Jenna said...

Such exciting news!!!!! I am so glad to hear that she is doing so well. I will keep hoping and praying it continues.

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