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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project Elimination Update...

The de cluttering is doing better then the kefir.

We finished off her dresser- The drawers are still full to the brim, but we managed to pull a 1 1/2 kitchen bags of "junk" out.

Next up- THE CLOSET... I am not at all excited about that project, I suspect that is a 2 day project! LOL Then she has 2 nightstands with four drawers which are packed with every tiny tiny little bit and piece you could possible imagine! Then the bookcase/cabinet.. So working on a gentle cycle/pace we have about 2 more weeks! But, we did find all sorts of neat things in her drawers she had forgotten about- almost like pulling out a winter coat from 2 years ago and finding a 20$ bill in the pocket!

Now on to the Kefir-
Abby has a few distinct "pain" types in her gut. The new pain that started this past fall,- it stabs her through the middle to her back like someone is trying to pin her like a butterfly to a bug collection board. That pain has no known trigger except any type of fluid or food can trigger it- After the testing at the GI we still don't know what causes it-Fats seems to really throw this pain into a tizzy most times, which is why we keep thinking gallbladder.

Then the "I am having a bad day" and everything hurts stomach pain.. This is just an ache throughout all of her.. it can cause nausea or lack of appetite.. it pretty much happens if she is too tired.

Finally the "Allergy Pain." This one she knows very well. This is the one I worried about when starting the Goat kefir trials. Abby's allergies can be rotational, and based on exposure. If she eats something daily, within a couple weeks she develops allergy symptoms. Some foods and meds and topical s cause immediate reactions others are delayed.. Very few foods cause no reactions. We try very hard to rotate her "safe" foods because the thought that she develop a reaction to the few foods she tolerates is very bothersome. So, she was not having a great tummy week anyway..but, by weds it was clear that the something was making it worse. At first we thought it was the crackers or toast she was eating the kefir on.. but by Friday morning it was clear the Kefir itself is causing "allergy" pain. Totally annoying- someone mentioned Camels milk last week(half teasingly) but the thought did run through my mind!!!!

Positives to the kefir- she liked it. She has been able to reduce her miralax this week. She got a weeks worth of a high vitamin B food.

So- I can remove it completely, or add it to a rotational diet. Since nothing has gotten rid of the stomach pain and it seems she is stuck with it, I think she is prepared to try to add some nutrition at least on a rotational basis. Maybe she can handle some kefir or raw yogurt 1 or 2 times a week..We are working on a high PQQ soup to eat once a week.. Not giving up, but definitely removing it as a daily food.

Project elimination is moving forward, with just a few little hiccups. I avoided the cleaning chemical aisle this week. We had a great time at the Woodlands Mall farmers Market on Weds evenings- we found a great selection of local safe foods. We found corn and soy free chicken and eggs, we are finding we need to be careful with gluten free foods, it seems that a lot of the gluten free options are as packed if not more so packed with corn,soy, and odd ball chemicals that don't need to be in them..

Progress is clear, but so are the hiccups- but so far this journey has never been smooth or easy, and we have learned to expect the hiccups and work around them.


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