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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shirataki Noodle Pizza Bites! 12 calories in each crust!

My husband doesn't digest starches well, One of the foods that we miss is pizza, or even just fun little snacks on a friday night if we watch movies.( not a food for Abby, but think I can tweak it to met her needs, but since she has always had allergies, she doesn't long for pizza the way my hubby does!)( tomatoes are high histamine, but we used fresh basil leaf instead of the normal spinach I would usually grab now if I can just find a substitute for tomato and she can eat it! LOL.)

I of course am concerned about calories right now as well. As you can imagine Pizza doesn't fit in our diet at all!

So I decided to try to make a "pizza" crust that would make a a yummy pizza bite that we could eat!

We left the topping separate so each person could top with what they pleased, and if you are careful, this can be super low calorie!

My hubby did top his with cheese, I left mine without :-)

Recipe for crust- 12 calories a crust!
4 tablespoons of egg white(32 calories)
2 tablespoons of parmesan cheese(40 calories)
1 bag shirataki
dash of salt
1 teaspoon(heaping) italian seasoning
1/4 teaspoon parsley
1 teaspoon "dry" minced onion
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1.2 teaspoon baking powder

6 generous sized(I tried to make a bit bigger then a "bagel" bite which are 180 calories for 4) mini pizza bites

follow the directions from my 10 calorie chocolate noodle cookies to prepare the noodles and puree them.

Add the spices and parmesan cheese and mix well in food processor- your dough will look pretty thick and "crumbly"

I did throw these in the fridge for about 30 minutes to allow the "dry spices" to absorb some moisture.

This dough did stick together but I was a little worried it would not. I baked them for 20-30 minutes, I was trying to get these to be more "biscuit/cracker then "moist cookie!". With the extra egg while and parmesan they did get firm enough to be a good vessel for toppings.

We made homemade pizza sauce(organic tomato sauce,low salt,dry Italian seasoning,garlic salt,cayenne pepper)and topped with fresh basil leaf,fresh mushroom slice, fresh slice of cherry tomato,diced applegate ham slices(no nitrate,low calorie)- my hubby decided he "had" to have cheese on his! I wonder though if I bought low calorie mozzarella cheese, or feta if he would be okay with it, it would reduce the calories for him.

After we added our toppings, I threw them back in to bake in the oven for 5-7 minutes at 375- and ready to eat!

So if you go without the cheese or use a low calorie cheese, 4 of my pizza bites will run you around 50-75 calories and possibly less vs bagel bites which are going to run you 180.

My husband who is truly a guy who LOVES frozen pizza bites said that he still would want the pizza bites over my creation if he could eat them, but after not being able to eat "carbs"(even tomatoes are a treat for him!) for months and months- he said he would GLADLY eat these a couple times a week(though tomatoes will limit his consumption)- said he "felt" like he was eating a carb which made the different texture well worth it!

To get an idea of 50 calories I took this picture with gummy vitamins- 2 fiber gummies run 15 calories. To take D, B, fiber, and multiple it is 45 calories!


Anonymous said...

so you added the shiratake noodles as the flour base to the food processor with the salt, cesse, eggs etc? Wow- thats a good idea- I never thougth of that! I have been trying to find a low carb crust and dough. Thank you for this tip!

Miracle Noodle Scandinavia said...

Wow, great idea!

What was the consistency of the pizza bottom like? You say "firm enough", but did it hold together while you ate them?

Good for you to think outside the box like this! Hope it inspires numerous more ideas ;-)

Diane said...

Yes, Anonymous, I used the "shirataki paste" as a flour- make sure you don't skimp on the seasonings as they help absorb moisture- I don't recommend skipping egg whites either- they do help bind this together.
If you can afford some calories, mixing parmesan cheese into the mix will help "firm" up and even brown the crusts some- a very nice addition if you are not as concerned about a few extra calories.

Scandinavia- yes, they held together well even with a heavy amount of sauce- the smaller the crust (3 bite vs 4 or 5 bite) is the best bet and kind of limits how many toppings you can add. None of mine fell apart, but the texture is softer like comparing a toasted english muffin to an untoasted- these are softer like an untoasted muffin, but perfectly firm enough to load up the toppings .

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