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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Labs don't lie, right?

Abby's Nephrologist already got her labs- Everything looked great!

The big concern for us was her PreAlbumin which gives an idea of whether someone is suffering illness/nutrition- Dec it was 19(low 22 is lowest on scale) now it is 25!!! She is doing great! Everything was back in range- that hasn't happened in a long long time.

I guess I knew she was doing great, but when you deal with so many ups and downs you start to doubt what you see with your own two eyes. Not to mention, I do feel some what radical with our project elimination.. When I say she was allergic to the miralax even from our favorite Drs. I get the " you have finally lost the rest of your marbles" look - but I stand by my theory- if it works- stick to it. Wish what worked would have including some junk food now and then though! LOl But, really not complaining, we are all eating much healthier and we have Abby to thank for the rest of us improving our health right along beside her.

Recently someone shared some new information with me - Dr. Theoharides has found that degranualation does impact the mitochondria- I am doing some digging to see if I can find further information on the subject. Always nice when I hear smart researchers finding the science that supports my Mom theories! :-)

Abby was tired yesterday- Movies on Sunday and Dr. Monday. But, she was tired in a "I did too much" for my body, not in a "something is really wrong with me" tired.

When I got the labs yesterday, I admit- we did a little happy dance!


Jenna said...

It is so nice to hear Abby is doing so well. I hope and pray project elimination continues to help!

babyfoodsteps said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH! doing the little happy dance for you over here too!

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