WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Friday, May 25, 2012

More Hidden Corn-

As removing corn and PEG(miralax)are the only things that have helped Abby this year, I have continued to dig deeper into hidden sources of corn.

We are also gluten-free for now(gluten can be difficult on a damaged digestive system)and that xathan gum that pops up in every other gluten-free recipe is usually not safe... even the big allergy free brands that use it often cannot verify that it is clean for those with severe corn allergies.

Also learned that when you see "enriched" or "fortified" or added vitamins odds are they are corn contaminated. We thought Abby had developed a reaction to rice a few months ago, but turns out, odds are the rice she was eating might have been dipped in "glucose" which is not safe, or "enriched" with supplements contaminated with corn....

The more I have read about corn allergies the more shocked I have become. Temper tantrums, behavioral issues,anxiety, muscle and joint pain, headaches,fatigue, and even far more significant symptoms have been associated with corn allergy. It can be very insidious and not the classic food allergy presentation... I wonder how many people out there have been handed anti depressants, migraine meds, pain killers, when it is the corn that is in nearly every single food item, household item, the exhaust on the road, cleaning supplies....

I now keep a couple check lists in my pocket and on the fridge to confirm there isn't a chance of hidden corn- here is one that helps-
Food Additives That May Contain Corn:

Calcium lactate

Calcium stearate

Calcium stearoyl lactylate



Ethyl maltol

Fumaric acid


Glucono delta-lactone



Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Lactic acid


Linoleic acid








Potassium gluconate

Propylene glycol monostearate

Sodium ascorbate or other ascorbates

Sodium stearoyl fumarate

Sodium-, Magnesium-, Calcium- or Potassium-fumarate

Stearyl citrate

Tocopherol (alpha-Tocopherol, vitamin E)

Of course I have to watch for dairy, soy, and few other ingredients as well! But, surprisingly with the help from the online allergy community we are finding a good variety of foods for Abby.

She has a GI flare this week, but that is from getting overtired at her all day tuesday appointment. Her stomach did not hurt but the malabsorption flared up- hoping with a careful diet this weekend she will settle back down.

We found out this week that the sweetener "Stevia" in many brands and forms has hidden corn. Check your brands carefully to avoid contamination.

Finally, here is another list I keep in my purse(I really need a bigger purse! )

Corn Allergens

Always read the ingredients on a product label to be sure they don't contain a substance you are allergic or sensitive to. When a complete list of ingredients is not available, you can use the information here as a general guide.

The following is a list of products that may contain corn:
Adhesives (envelopes, labels, stickers, tapes, stamps)
Any products that contain cornmeal, corn flour, corn oil, cornstarch, corn sugar, corn syrup or sorbitol.
Baking powder (most)
Bath or body powder
Beer, ale, gin, whisky
Breads (commercial)
Brown sugar
Cake, pancake and pie mixes
Candied fruit
Canned fruits (sweetened)
Canned or bottled juice drinks
Carob (CaraCoa)
Cereals (presweetened)
Coffee (instant)
Coffee Rich
Confectioner's sugar
Corn kernels
Corn cereal
Corn chips
Corn oil and anything fried in it
Corn sugar
Corn syrup
Cottage cheese (thickened)
Cranberry juice (some)
Dried fruits (sweetened)
Frozen fruits (sweetened)
Fruit desserts
Graham crackers
Ham (cured)
Hot dogs
Ice cream
Infant formulas (Enfamil, Similac, Advance, Portagen, Lofenalac, Isomil, Prosobee, Nursoy
Powder [not liquid], Soyalac [not I-Soyalac], Pedialyte, Hydrolyzed casein, Nutramigen, Progestimil
Jellies and gelatin mixes
Luncheon meats
Milk in paper containers
Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Orange juice (some frozen or sweetened)
Paper cups, cartons, plates and any liquids contained in them
Peanut butter (commercial sweetened)
Pie fillings
Plastic food wrappers (some)
Sandwich spreads
Sauces that have been thickened but are transparent (e.g. Chinese style)
Sticky portion of envelopes and stamps
Tablets (most medicinal)
Tea (instant)
Vitamins (some)
Yogurt (thickened or sweetened)
Zest soap
A major portion of this list comes from Doris J. Rapp, M.D., Is This Your Child? William Morrow, New York, 1991.

Lastly- I have joined the band wagon of folks that are recognizing that Genetically modified foods are creating major problems in our food chain.. Did you know that 85 percent of corn in our food is genetically modified? That there are strong studies and research that indicate it isn't safe and it's overall impact on our environment and health could have grave consequences? Then there is Soy-91 percent is genetically modified, and the last year or two of studies have quashed that soy has any magically benefits to your health. Or that 88 percent of cotton raised in the US is Genetically modified? In the past 20 years allergies to both Soy and Corn have gone through the roof- both of those ingredients are hidden in most of the products you use in your home each day. Is it that so many people are so overexposed that is causing the jump in allergies, or is it the fact that most of it is Genetically modified?


Original Sandhi Sudha plus oil said...

Thanks for providing this list. This is must to know for all of us to stay healthy, active, fit & fine. Nice information.

Diane said...

Thanks Sandhi! We are still a little shocked at how much improvement we have seen in our daughter since removing allergens,especially corn and soy-
Every day we see improvements- we kind of pinch ourselves wondering if it could really be that simple- but it sure appears to be..

As I research I find more and more people who have been as sick as Abby, or sicker who's health status has shown a remarkable improvement just by eliminating corn. Now, when will the Researchers,government, Specialist admit we have a major toxic issue in our Country?

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