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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day, we have earned it!

This is one of the first Mother's Day, where I can honestly agree, I deserve it.

Not for the hugs,love,kisses.. or the dishes,laundry, and cleaning.. or even the Drs. visits, clothes shopping, hair braiding..

I earned it by thinking this year. I really "dislike" science and math, I mean, I appreciate science in a nice watered down version, like Discovery Magazine- but name some chemical and I shutdown and run.

Admittedly, don't ask me to pronounce what I have learned this year, but when I read various journals and articles with the weird language of science and chemistry the connections are starting to flare to life- this year my determination to sit down and learn something I have no aptitude for has been my gift to my daughters.

Thinking about doing something I do understand at an instinctive level today for a terrific reward! I have a few recycle projects to turn rejected wood cabinets into something more appealing with adding of shelves,legs, antiquing,... or I am great at shopping!! :-)

Abby again has a good day yesterday. Based on visual diagnostics, she is being exposed to some sort of trigger, mild, but starting to get impatient at times trying to figure it out. My hubby and I keep reminding ourselves, that for each day she is improved to not panic and pull more- patience and being consistent is the next leg of the journey.

Last night Abby I were "mapping" out her major flare history. 1) when she was nursing and I was eating normal foods. A couple years of removing allergens and she got "better.". Again at 7(mild)but we actually sold our house because we had a cat, she had the oddest reactions and an overall poor health-we moved she got "better." 3)puberty- that was a bad flare- a couple years... this was the first time she was clearly reacting to food, but not all of them came up positive on allergy testing. She had lots of "new issues.". We eliminated foods, and moved back to Texas- she stabilized and got a little better.. but went right into another couple year flare- but we had not removed nearly the amount of allergens this last two flares.. So this time, we are going back to step 1. There is a pattern, but why? Looks like I should prepare myself for another year of thinking! :-)

Happy Mother's Day!


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