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Sunday, May 20, 2012

No Tomato Ketchup..

I am not sure when exactly Abby became such a fan of tomato since she could not have them her early years, but I tell ya, she is missing them !

Some smart people have come up with all sorts of recipes for "No Tomato" ketchup- I have been reading recipes all week. Many of them had products she could not have and some just did not sound good.

Last night I tried our first attempt- it isn't awful, if I could not have regular ketchup and had a hot fresh home baked fry in front of me, I might use it.. or on a sandwich.. My recipe included,lemon juice, onion,red pepper,beets,a couple peaches(many recipes call for cranberries and pears but had neither on hand)carrots,garlic, water,salt, coconut secret vinegar(not considered a safe choice in the mast world,no fermented item is.. but without it I might as well have thrown my brew out!)and sugar...

Note to self- less beets next time. Don't get me wrong, Abby and I actually adore beets! But, when you imagine the salty,tangy sweet acidic taste of ketchup, well the last thing you imagine is the earthy flavor of a beet! The carrots were fine as was the onion and the red peppers were surprisingly welcome to my taste buds- so maybe next time 1 beet for the color instead of 3!

I do think however if I was making a marinara sauce the beets might be a better choice- I could have highly seasoned with italian seasoning and it would have been less shocking to our taste buds!

Of course I made a ton- I have enough of this funky flavored ketchup to last well into 2020 all stored in the fridge and freezer! Considering it has vinegar in it, it isn't something she can have often so I am betting much of this batch will get tossed, still had to start somewhere- next round will be better! :-)

The color is stunning! So vibrant you just cannot believe it is all natural.

We also found dry mustard. Regular mustard has vinegar(and usually at least 2 or more chemicals). We mixed some dry mustard with water and honey- it might be okay, but it really needs to hydrate in the fridge for a minimum of 12 hours. It has quite a kick! Reminded us all a little of wasabi! Might get some ground mustard seeds... but, definitely a better choice then our funky beet ketchup!

Practice makes perfect- I am sure we can improve our efforts the next time around. If not, I suspect she won't miss ketchup and mustard as much knowing exactly what the options are. :-)

We also think we figured out the spike in proteins- raisins are not safe but not forbidden, for Abby, not allergic but something she has never been able to eat daily-and she had them 5 days in a row used in various ways.. So hoping if we pull them for now we will see her proteinuria settle down- at least according to my Mom Theory on Abby that should work! :-)


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