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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shirataki Miracle Brownies coming tomorrow!

I made a terrific black bean, shirataki brownie. I averaged them out to about 45 calories a piece!

I will post the recipe as it is tomorrow, but still needs some tweaking- I wanted something that was more chewy, but this definitely is more "torte" like- certainly a very nice take on brownies but hoping this weekend I can come up with a way to get a little chewy texture worked in...also I have been trying to increase protein intake with the family which explains the black beans. I was tempted to add rice protein powder, but I suspect that isn't something in every household.. but I have had requests to post the recipe as it is, so tomorrow I will post the recipe and directions. The brownie with honey did not come out as sweet as I would like so made a bit of powder sugar glaze for it- thinking I really need to pick up some stevia before this weekend to see if that would get the sweetness to where it needs to be without adding extra sugar.

Maybe some of my readers will be able to come up with a good solution.


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