WARNING: the foods we cook for Abby are safe for her, but not necessarily for everyone. Please confirm any ingredients are safe for you before using in your diet. Food Allergies can kill and the best policy is complete avoidance. Read this post for more info.

Monday, May 14, 2012

So, What Does She Eat?

No soy,dairy,sunflower(asthma just from smelling sunbutter)corn,oatmeal,chemicals,raw veggies or fruit(causes oral allergy),veggies like broc are too hard for her, chocolate,spinach,tomato, strawberries(these are on the no-no list for mast cell)shellfish,nuts,and less fish(again histamine,but I cannot take all fish away),low fiber(too much is hard for her to digest)beans she can handle a few white beans but beans are hard to digest and less then 10 grams a day of fat.

She tolerates eggs right now from the farm where they are absolutely grain,hormone, and chemical free, but what I am running into a lot of the recipes for gluten free depend on a lot of eggs- I am a little nervous she will start reacting to them as well. When I can, I remove the egg yolk as they seem to be too rich for her to tolerate much of, so I figure if she tolerates the egg white she is not allergic this cycle. She does okay with chicken breast, especially if it is boiled. She can do turkey if it is lean. A little bit of super lean grain free, hormone free,chemical free beef- Meat seems to be a little hard for her to digest.

So what does Abby eat?

Rice cakes- there are a few types that are only rice.(Last year she wasn't able to do rice, but can now but only parboiled- so I suspect it was more a blood sugar issue, and not an allergy-fingers crossed!)We have found just puffed rice as well- which will be handy for anything from a homemade cereal, to mixed into a homemade Lara bar(about as innocent and clean as a prepacked food gets,but all of them have nuts at least of the ones we have found)

apples- peeled and must be cooked to avoid cross reactivity.

peaches-freeze dried, a few brands have ascorbic acid(corn insult)but she seems okay, so I don't want to take them. Canned fruit on the shelf and many dried are full of muck. Will be canning some fresh fruit for her this year.

Prunes- again, some have ascorbic acid(corn)but she likes a few and tolerates well.

carrots, potatoes(peeled),mung sprouts,a bit of iceberg lettuce..

Blackstrap molasses-

fresh ginger

coconut anything..flour, oil, meat..(moderation though, worry she will start reacting without rotation,or fiber and fat issues)

Millet,tapioca flour,rice flours, and a few others.

Seasonings- are tough- they often are full of chemicals or soy or corn. We have found a few that are "clean" and have found a few resources online.

There are a handful of other foods that are safe for her as well.

As she feels better, she is able to tell quickly whether a food is okay or not- I think before when she felt so awful she just could not tell what was causing it. Hopefully, over the next couple weeks we can add some more foods, since we have yet to find a vitamin or supplement that she tolerates I am worrying about her nutrition. Though, she points out that there are plenty of American teens who live on hostess,McDonalds,and coke or pepsi- so I really should not worry so much! :-)

Abby seems to digest simple carbs best, and yes, that includes sugar. We try to use her local honey(that is completely corn free no easy feat!) but I refuse to get uptight about the sugar right now. Imperial or C&H are both free of corn(you would be shocked at how much corn we are exposed to in so many products!). We are now working on watching her protein intake. I did buy some organic rice protein and Hemp protein this weekend- both make me nervous, but won't know if she tolerates until we try! :-)

This LINK takes you to our favorite "quick bread" recipe right now.
Admittedly, my attempts to make a loaf that pretty have fallen short, but if you double the recipe and use a small loaf pan it will make slices of bread almost big enough to make a sandwich. I made them in muffin tins, which worked well. This week, we are going to add blueberries and some honey and sprinkle sugar on top- a lovely blueberry muffin I can freeze individually for a quick snack for her. Thinking I could sneak in some rice protein.. and I might substitute ground flax mixed with water for a few of the eggs(doesn't bind as well as egg, but reasonably well).
This recipe below is just coconut flour "bread". It is about as dense and heavy as it gets-but Abby has found that if you toast the little slices and eat with 100 precent maple syrup or honey it is very tasty-has a "corn meal" like texture-reduced the "oil" by half and it still held together- the eggs are what worries me on this one, but thinking the ground flax with water to substitute for a few would be worth a try. Might even try the apple cider vinegar with baking soda to see if I can get a loaf that isn't quite so "brick" like...
1/2 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup ghee ( You can also sub extra virgin coconut oil which is what we do.)
6 eggs
2 tbsp honey
1/2 tsp sea salt
Preheat oven to 350. Mix all ingredients together until paste is nice and smooth. Grease a loaf pan with extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil and spoon mixture in. Let it bake for 40 minutes.

We are also going to try introducing some sweet potato this week- and maybe buckwheat noodles(found a couple brands that meet her allergy criteria and the buckwheat were too tempting not to throw in the cart!)

Abby has been terrific about managing the process- she reads every label even after I have read it, she reviews any new recipes, she is trying to rotate what does sit well with her to avoid new reactions. The only foods she is really missing are the chocolate and tomatoes-I have used tomatoes in most of our favorite recipes for years. She cannot remember her toddler and preschool years where we had to remove tomatoes because of allergies..Last week she snuck some chocolate that was free of the allergens and she paid the price for 3 days-she said for now, not worth it. She also misses a trip once every other week or so to get chicken nuggets or chicken strips and fries- we cannot even buy the fries frozen(shocked by what frozen fries are made with!)but I can make chicken strips and fries at home- baked not fried, but when a rice cake has actually started to taste like a treat, home baked fries and chicken strips feels like junk food!

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to all you Allergen free bloggers! Without you I would be in big trouble this time around.


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