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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Abby's Favorite Sandwich Bread...

(not the fluffiest loaf, but firm enough to make sandwiches )

Up until this week we have stuck with coconut/tapioca based quick breads for Abby. Mostly because she liked the first attempt, and because I was leery about trying yeast, gluten free and the bread maker..or really anything new- if we find something that agrees with Abby we stick with it! Plus, I could sneak rice protein into the quick bread, and I am doubting the yeast bread in the bread machine is going to tolerate the extra proteins.

To be totally honest, I did try a few different bread machine gluten-free/dairy free recipes- with really hideous results, I hate admitting defeat. I gave this one a go and Abby is head over heels in LOVE.. I made this loaf yesterday, and you can see I only had half a loaf to take a picture of!

I got the "base" recipe from The Gluten Free Goddess(Thank you Goddess!), modified it to work for Abby. FYI- for anyone corn allergic Abby is more "corn lite" she tolerates small amounts of corn contamination in her GI, but zero tolerance for inhaled contamination.

We don't use guar gum or xanthan gum out of worry of corn contamination.

First- whisk together your dry ingredients and set aside: DO NOT ADD to your BREAD MAKER PAN YET!!!!!!!!

3 cups all purpose gluten-free flour mix of your choice.(her mix of flours included sorghum which Abby cannot have- check the link above for her measurements and her blend-sorghum hands down makes a superior bread)
1 1/4 teaspoons pink himalayan salt(her recipe called for sea salt)
1 packet rapid dry yeast or 2 1/4 teaspoons(I used red star and though it might be corn contaminated it doesn't seem to phase her.)

For the bread machine: I have a machine with a gluten-free button option.

Pour the liquid ingredients into the bread machine pan FIRST:

1 1/4 cups warm water(purified bottle water) (at 110 to 115ºF)
1 tablespoon melted coconut oil (original calls for 3 tablespoons olive oil, but we avoid olive oil for Abby)
2 Tablespoons grapeseed oil(seems to bake better and Abby tolerates well)
1 tablespoon honey-
1 Tablespoon Imperial brand granulatedsugar (or could double the honey, but Abby likes extra sweet and so far Imperial has not corned her!)
1/2 teaspoon fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
3 organic free-range eggs(never feed grain), beaten or 1 tablespoon Ener-G Egg Replacer whisked with 4 tablespoons warm water till frothy (original recipe calls for 2 eggs)

Gently pour the mixed dry ingredients on top of the liquid.

Set your bread machine program for 2.0 or 2.5(original was for 1.5, but without the xanthan gum and with the additional egg I added, it is "moist" "heavier" and needs more time) loaf medium crust. I used the gluten-free cycle on my machine; if you don't have a gluten-free cycle, a rapid rise cycle will also work.(so the original recipe claims)

Check the dough after a few minutes of kneading- it should be closer to a muffin batter than bread dough, soft, but not cake batter wet(never had to add more water). Adjust dry to wet ratio with a tablespoon of flour or warm liquid, as needed. Humidity influences the dough. As does temperature (your bread will rise higher on a hot day).

If you like a crusty loaf (or your past experience results in a gummy center/fallen top) remove the bread from the pan and place it in the oven at 350ºF for an additional 10 minutes- keep an eye on it and don't let it get too brown. It should be a light golden color. (I offered this to Abby, but she loves that hers turns out "moist".)

Cool the loaf before slicing for best results.(you can see Abby did not slice very straight, but it still tastes good,straight or crooked! But, best to let it cool)

Enjoy fresh from the oven- the first day (as with most gluten-free baked goods) has the best texture and taste. This bread toasts well- we lightly toast it to firm it up to hold up well to a sandwich.

Freeze leftover bread as slices, wrapped in a paper towel and bagged in freezer bags. Thaw to room temperature. We find after thawing, it is better to toast the slices.


Jenna said...

So glad you were able to find a sandwich bread!!!! That is so awesome! That has to open up a whole new world!

Anonymous said...

does a bread machine really make a difference? I don't have one yet....and am not sure if it is worth the money, keep telling myself that need to use the money else where...lol....you know the drill...

Diane said...

I think it makes a softer bread. But, breadmaking is not my thing. :-) I can make an irish soda bread that she is happy with now(yeast free) I love throwing everything and walking away. They are spendy monsters though aren't they?

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