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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Over the past year I have stretched our search to find information to help Abby to include groups that I never thought 5 years ago either existed or could possibly be connected.

Mito, autism,biomed,holistic,mast,PEG,nutrition,IBS,essential tremors,vaccines,GMO,migraine,methylation,MTHFR,allergies...

The most interesting part of finding these groups is that I run into the same folks- this circle of diseases and paths includes many of us.

How are they connected? Are they connected? Are we just chasing our tails?

Even if none of this proves any type of connections- I have learned. Abby has improved. I have found incredible Mom's and Dad's who won't take "no cure" for an answer. These amazing people I run into again and again on the same quest we are on keep me motivated- keep me learning and at the end of the day, have helped make my family so much healthier emotionally and physically.

There are days where I wonder "What the heck am I doing?" I am no Doctor and this meddling is probably not a great idea. Then I think back at how sick she was when I was doing what the Drs. said.. how could I not meddle? Her improvements were so quick once clear of the supplementals, peg, allergies- yet, no Dr. believed that could be the cause of increased misery. That the interventions were actually causing more harm then good.

I haven't found a cure. I don't understand genetics or metabolic systems- but I know my daughter. The improvements are coming much slower now and I find myself getting impatient when she has a bad day. Yet, there are improvements still happening. She is moving around so much more. Her sleep is better. She is now healthy enough to recognize when it was a food that made her sick. I cannot cure her but I can help her feel the best she can considering..

The Drs we trust with Abby "see" what I have seen. They watch Abby closely for the medical issues that they can help her with without hurting her. They listen. They help me steer the boat in right direction. They point out various "holes" in her nutrition and help me fill them. They understand that we aren't comfortable with the standard mito protocol- and support us. They ignore the zebra that we cannot make go away, and help me rein in all the horses.

If I just chased the Mito, I would indeed be chasing my tail with Abby. But, if I can keep my eye on those horses and keep herding them up I think we are continuing to move forward.


Jenna said...

You are such an amazing mom. It is amazing to hear about the changes in Abby as you learn more.

babyfoodsteps said...

You hae a PHD, MD and all other D's in ABBY! and I am so glad you are figuring some things out that are giving her some relief!

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