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Friday, June 22, 2012


My Uncles headed home at the crack of dawn this morning.

It just broke my heart to see them go. I think that everyone has those couple family members that you have always cherished above all others- these two guys are my favorites.

I think what endears them to me most, is that they "get" Abby. A rare thing in both our families. Not only do they understand why we do what we do, they applaud our efforts- and both said they would do the same thing if Abby was theirs :-) They teased that soon the next step for me is to figure out how to bubble our house- I told them, don't tempt me! :-)

On the other hand, now it is time to get back to the grind. I normally don't run around too much I like being at home with Abby and I hate the thought of bringing germs from all over town home on me(we all change when we come home from anywhere to minimize and also wash those hands!) so my routine has been shredded, but in a nice way!

Abby is still dragging. She looked a bit better yesterday, but it was a huge crash this week, and heart breaking for me to see. She did catch a nasty cold which always drags her down. Just taking a bit longer to get her back to baseline then I want.

The most frustrating part when she is ill isn't the around the clock sleep,or that her kidney proteinuria flares, it is that her body just quits trying to digest- I am glad it passes through now without the poisonous miralax, but if she isn't digesting she is not getting the much needed energy to get better.

My next step in project elimination is to create some sort of high fuel/easy digest food plan for her while she is sick like this..

With Derek traveling, and bringing home new strains of colds etc, it is hard to keep the house free of the germs- after the next trip, I think I will try decontaminating him at the door! LOL But seriously, I just might!


Jenna said...

I am sorry she is still not back to baseline, I hope she gets back there soon. I hope you are able to find a good high fuel/easy digest food plan. You are so amazing at that!

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