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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Holding up Well!

My favorite Uncles got here Friday- Abby stayed out in the living room with us and on her feet the entire afternoon! I truly felt like a proud Mom watching her child ride without training wheels!

Yesterday she ended up sleeping the majority of the day, which is not only understandable but also good for her. She is learning when to stop and just rest.

Not sure what today will bring, but I know it will be worlds better then what we had last year. We have our favorite Fathers to celebrate today with and a much healthier Abby- not sure it gets any better then that..

Derek is the world's best husband and Father. I cannot believe that he has hit the ground running even with jet lag from flying to and back from Australia in just a week. He too enjoys my Uncles and knows how important they are to me. Plus, he really enjoys their company too!

Hoping I will get to back to posting on the blog more frequently after their visit.


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