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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ice Cream!

One of my fondest memories was at my Uncles farm house during the summer and we made blackberry ice cream in the old hand churned bucket... Not sure if it was just a terrific day that made that ice cream so amazing, or all the work it took to make it but since that day every summer that old addiction to ice cream rears its ugly head!

Sara and Abby both inherited my appreciation of frozen treats. Dairy is out of the question! So is Soy! We did find coconut milk ice cream that costs an arm and a leg, is full of funky ingredients that don't sit well with Abby but it tastes pretty good!

Admittedly, making homemade ice cream has always been on my list of things I wanted to learn how to make homemade. So last week we did it!

I am so not lying, that canned coconut milk made some seriously smooth and silky ice cream- I think we might have beat Ben and Jerry's in a taste challenge!!! :-)

First I read a lot of ice cream recipes that turned out to be almost as entertaining as eating the ice cream! From dairy to sorbet.. from no eggs to 10 eggs,to using gelatin and other ingredients I never thought I would find in ice cream, it seemed my options were endless. I leaned toward the "custard base" because despite how unhealthy this ice cream is(from a calorie-fat standpoint), I wanted to make sure to get some good egg protein into it for Abby- at least if I added eggs I would not be forced to put our ice cream in the junk food category! LOL Also,I love custard ice creams! Down on Louetta in the Champions area of Houston there is a little ice cream shop called Brewsters- they make a rich custard based ice cream that I still dream about! So custard base it was!

Here is my "inspiration" recipe "Ice Cream base Recipe"

First I cut the recipe in half- no need to make ice cream for 20!

2 cups of the cream from canned coconut milk(save the water to add to the eggs plus chocolate )- full fat coconut milk- we read the ingredients carefully- you can find coconut milk that is clean- just have to hunt and be prepared to pay :-)
4 egg yolks
2 teaspoons vanilla(I threw a vanilla bean in while cooking and it worked well)
1 cup sugar(we have been using Imperial cane without corn problems)
3/4 cup NOW cocoa powder(we don't know if it was this cocoa powder or the fact that the ice cream was so rich that set off Abby's GI)
1.2 teaspoon salt( pink himalayan of course!)

For the most part I followed the inspiration recipes directions. When I mixed the eggs with the chocolate it was very thick almost like brownie mix-I panicked for a minute I knew that was not going to work! I had some of the water from the coconut milk sitting in the can beside the bowl and decided to add a 1/2 cup of the water to thin it out- worked out fine! I added sugar until it was sweet enough for us(we have sweet teeth!)so start with 3/4 cup and be prepared to add up 1 1/4 depending on the cocoa powder you use.

A few things I learned-
1)Make the ice cream base the day before and to make sure it is as cold as you can get it without freezing it.

2)The cheap ice cream makers are cheap for a reason. It did the job, but I still had to throw the finished product back in the freezer for an hour to get it harder- in our house soft serve doesn't cut it!

3) Abby just struggles with Chocolate- we keep trying to add it back in, but no matter how clean the chocolate is, she reacts. She has even admitted that it is time to quit trying- she figures there are hundreds of other flavors that she loves and won't make her sick. Not sure if it triggers histamines or if she simply has developed an allergy- but if she is willing to give it up, so am I.

4) A really nice ice cream maker would be dangerous- very dangerous. I am thinking maybe the cheap annoying one that needs extra steps is way safer for me in the house! LOL

5) Next up, a healthier experiment. Thinking a sorbet...

6) After a night in the freezer, the ice cream was perfect. Not too hard because of the coconut fats-

7) I took the nice ice cream maker I have been looking at this year off my birthday list and for the safety of my waistline added a juicer instead!


Jenna said...

Awesome you found a great way to make ice cream. I am not a big chocolate fan, but it is still a sad thought to me that she is giving up trying with chocolate.

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